An Experience with Omens and Poltergeist, Your Thoughts

Okay so yesterday/early this morning I had some interesting things happen to me and I’d like your thoughts on the matter.

So the first thing to happen to me, I was at work. I work in the fitting room of a store, so it’s just me standing there for hours alone at a desk. To pass the time I doodle and fiddle with everything on the desk. I left for about 5 minutes. When I came back it was all the same. But I went to grab my pen and all of a sudden I heard a ‘clink’ sound. (The pens are kept in a shallow cubby) I put my hand in it and I pulled out a small amethyst stone. I know for a fact it wasn’t there before, because like I said I fiddle with everything. I would have noticed it way earlier. I actually kinda felt a rush of emotions when I held it.

Fast forward to around 2 am. I got up to go to the bathroom. When walking out I had the sudden urge to look out my bedroom window. When I looked out, there was a rabbit sitting at the end of my driveway looking up at me. Full on staring and didn’t even look away. Not sure if that means anything but I thought it was pretty cool.

Then flash forward to 5am. My curtain rod isn’t exactly stable above my window, but it has never fallen down. I was sleeping but I woke up suddenly because I heard someone say the word “rod” loud and clear as a bell. As soon as I opened my eyes, my curtain rod along with my curtain fell onto my chest.

So what would you make of this? Just some crazy coincidences?



The amethyst was given for a reason. The stone will help you learn how to use your senses and attune to them deeper.

As for your companion, I think it’s clear he is quite interested in you.

I’m getting a feeling of sexual tension, the rabbit. The rod falling on your chest… your companion is interested in wanting to open your heart as well it seems. The amethyst will help your crown. Perhaps you are going to learn which of your senses is strongest once you develop them even more.

Are you receptive to him? Would you like to deepen the connection?

If yes, simply talk to him more. Let him feel welcome and accepted by you. Discover his personality, what he likes, etc…


Are you doing any rituals?

I would, to be honest. And yeah I do believe I can connect with him. I usually have conversations in my mind, but when doing so I can feel his presence either touching/holding me.

But I’ve only recently started communicating. I’ve felt the presence for a few years now, and would sort of think I was hearing him. It was really weak though. But a few days ago it started and it feels quite strong.

I’m not sure how to devolp my senses exactly. I want to, but I have no idea where to start. I’ve always been interested, but ever since this connection got stronger, I have a strong urge to learn. Like something inside me is waking up, you know?

Your senses have developed quite well over the past few years.

Your companion seems to be aiding you in that as well. The deeper you connect with him, the more your senses will grow. You are already developing your senses. Become more present, more aware, tune in. You develop them as you would any other sense or skill. Simply doing, becoming more familiar, and used to it. To the point where you don’t even think about it, it just is apart of you. Also, it seems you are innately clairsentient, as I am.

This is an informative thread that may aid you and answer your “where to go from here?”: