An experience with Lord Bael

So I will share with you an experience up had some time ago. I had a very tricky situation that I needed to solve. At least this was half of the situation.

So I jones this forum and asked about how to contact Lord Bael. So it was suggested to use a sigil. Thanks to @Lady_Eva I got the correct one and she also helped me with evocation ritual. So the first sigil session I did I could feel Lord Bael around me. And the day before I needed to take action I did an evocation of Lord Bael. I asked him to help me.

He made me invisible, not like I was like see through but he made me unnoticeable by others! I literally moved past a monitored area and many people around. If I was to be seen I would be in deep deep shit. Deeper than I was already.
But he made me unnoticed and I was not seen or detectable! It really happened I know some may say it is load of bull. But it is true every word of it.

I am so greatful Lord Bael I hope this posts honors you and serves as a small part of the thanks that I shall be giving you!


Can you share the evocation ritual please?

No doubt about what Bael helped you with, congratulations :slight_smile:


Hi yes sure. It is as follows:
Clear the area where you will be doing the ritual of all clutter and then clean it.

Place a mat or pillow on the floor make sure it is positioned that you will face east.

Wash a glass properly and dry it nicely. Fill it with the best drinking water you can find and place it on a coaster in front of the pillow.

Place a white candle in front of the pillow too, preferably a tea light. (Safety first)

Place the sigil of Lord Bael next to the glass of water.

Sit on the pillow and face east.
Take a minute to breath and clear your mind and relax your body.

Light the candle and start to say this enn:

Ayar secore on ca Bael
Also while you do this create an image of Lord Bael the head of a king in the center, the head of a cat on the left and the head of a toad on the right. They all nurse into a chest that is held up by giant spider legs and behind him is blackness with starts.

Until you know he is present. Let Him know the water is for Him to enjoy.

State your wish clearly and repeat 3x

Wait for your answers, be aware of senations, thoughts, images and voices. Note them down.

Thank him for comimg and listening to you.

Say depart as you may my Lord, he is a king respect at all times!

Now bring your hand together in prayer position under your chin and bow your head as to say fair well to a beloved friend.
Clap your hands together loudly and turn around. Rirtual os now over.


Ahh very nice.
Interesting that I have been lead to clap once loudly after doing magick with Baelzebub. Twice now. I didn’t know it was a thing but it seems like the perfect way to end an evocation and ritual definitively. It also snaps my mind back to the mundane and clears the air.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes it is interesting right. You are most welcome. I know he will help with the next step to end this hard time for me.