An experience to behold

I just got up from a good five hour rest from working a double over night. I honestly did not know rather to post this on my Satanic Diary or to make one on its own. But here I am writing an experience that I honestly did not expect to happen.

You see through my shift last night and early this morning I was thinking about a being that I was close to at one time basically a lover but then somethings happen, nothing bad bad just really a personal choice of choosing either them or another and chosen the other. But I was thinking on how they were and wanted to try and get a hold of them when I got home. I also was having some other thoughts along with this including about my pathworking with Satan.

I was having my doubts not going to lie. I knew he was in my life and really does care about me, but my mind was wondering as it does at times. So I definitely was wanting to talk to him as a heart to heart talk as he has been having me have “honest conversations” with him which is one of my struggles.

So when I finally got home I contacted Satan and talked to him. He seemed to understand but wasn’t to happy on how I had doubts when I have been working with him for so long. (Longer then this pathworking) We came to a good point however and I told him my plans for his altar. He felt pleased and I was happy. Honestly it felt like a lemonade with a friend moment lol.

After we were done with our “honest conversation” I decided that sleep is needed since I was going back to work in a few hours. Sleep came but woke up around 11ish. I tried to go back to sleep but nothing. So I got up and used the restroom then looked around the forums. I then decided I could fall asleep and did so. The dream that followed well changed a lot of what I see.

There was a part at the end of the dream I was at a mall parking lot. I felt the presence of my ex lover there and called to him. That’s when I saw this bottle came and tried to hit me. It was retracted back by some invisible force and that’s when I saw him. I knew it was him. His energy, his presence everything but….he was pissed at me. He started to try and hit me and I dogged. I started to yell his name but no luck. The worst was a few moments he hunted me. I recognized the energy and practice as it was him that taught me. But my emotions were to high. I was to hurt emotionally. That was when I felt him going to attack again. I honestly did not know what to do because I was at a loss for words. That’s when this woman showed up. I recognized her from other dreams. She asked what was going on. Before I could say anything I saw her face turned to more concerned and I woke up.

It was here that I burst out crying. Not from fear but hurt. Soon enough I felt a familiar presence next to me. It was Satan. I guessed he was told what happened and came to me. At that moment I also realized that he was more involved in my life then I have first thought. He did not have to come to me as he had done but he did and for that I can never thank him enough for his support as well as others that are legitimately concerned for me. As they did not have to but chose to.

I am especially looking forward to getting his altar set up and everything. All I can say is thank you to that woman whom I still don’t know her name but also to Satan who I feel has been such a grate support and teacher, guide, friend….to me especially during these times.


I want to apologize for the errors on my posts lately. Having only four hours of sleep is hard lol.

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