An experience that I had of King Paimon

So I was thinking hard rather or not to post this. Mostly because of our connection to be new and well I know there be things that he would not mind me sharing and others to keep to my self simply out of respect. Now before I never ever not that I know of worked with any type of being like King Paimon. So I honestly even to this point don’t know what to expect or should expect? I do feel him around and have made my first offerings to him, embarrassingly small, but some of what Iv read such as chocolate, frakensence in raw do to not having coals to burn it, a picture I drew by hand of his sigil and a bit of lemon water in a small decorated cup (not sure if he liked it, don’t have any wine or even any good tea). But that is besides the point I guess why I am writing this.
Back a few nights ago that’s when I was diving deeper into reading about King Paimon. I wanted to know as much as I can about him before even thinking about calling him. Well I felt good enough to start to practice drawing his sigil in a used notebook that I had on hand. Mind you I didn’t draw it perfectly but enough to get a feel on how to draw it. I drew it at least five to seven times before I decided to go to sleep. :joy: Now most of what happened I’m keeping it to my self mostly do to it being completely embarrassing. But as I was trying to get some sleep then that’s when I kept feeling like some one was next to me. I toss and turned thinking it was just me. Then I felt as though I couldn’t swallow or talk. Not like choking but temporarily out of wack. It only lasted a few moments but enough to question what was going on. Then a good ten minutes later I lost control of my left side best way to explain it was like electricity going through you and you just go all weird for a few moments. I literally shot up right in a sitting position but I wasn’t scared. When this passed I just laid back down to try and sleep again while trying to ignore that I had someone behind me. I felt comfortable though and just enjoy the feeling. Through the night I had really odd experiences such as this white light cutting through my ceiling in a strait line above me to the one that took it all. I payed there facing my altar that I hadn’t done anything to. Now not sure if I was awake or asleep or what state. Still confused. But I saw my room as I do while I’m awake. I felt the bed and sheets around me. So not sure. But all the sudden these two Nicky dressed guys came. Both male and dressed alike with a striped black collared shirt, belt and black pants kinda like you see in business. One had more Asian features while the other more American. They both just stood there with a serious face. Their hands behind them as if awaiting orders. At first I thought they were looking at me. I felt like a teenager got caught with her boyfriend in all honesty. I pulled a bit at the covers to cover my bare lower half (had underwear on however!) but still! I then noticed they were looking behind me. Then the one that was on the right that looked American said “King Paimon”. As if asking what’s up. That’s when the whole reality changed in that very moment. Now I never did see him. I’m guessing he was not ready to appear to me. Now why I saw those two guys not sure. And I honestly don’t know who they could be.
Just thought to update on what has transpired and see what you guys think of this.


Thanks for sharing!

They could be Labal and Abalim his two trusted advisors

That’s something Iv been thinking about. Is there any more info on them? Or are they just a huge mystery?

This video says some info about them. I personally have never worked with them so I cant tell you more than that

Thank you! :blush: