An Easy Way To Enter The T/G Sync

OK so for all the newbies here who are struggling with entering the right mind states required for performing majick I’ve decided to provide a quick and easy way to enter the t/g sync.

This mind state is only the beginning and is the first stepping stone to majick so it’s important to get it down as quick as you can because once you can enter it there’s so many things else to start working on!

Now I know EA has his method of pulling a cloud of light down through each part of your body and releasing the tension.And that might be a good start for beginners, but for me I struggled because once I got lower and lower down my body my focus would shift and I would lose relaxation in the upper parts of my body.

I eventually got it down but it took some time.

Anyway here’s my method.
What if you could command your ENTIRE body to relax at once?
Well that’s what I’m about to tell you.

If you’re first starting off take a few deep breaths.This won’t be required later but helps in the beginning.

Now take one,and I emphasize ONE deep long breath and visualize a golden or white light (whichever is easier for you) entering every single pore of your body.

Hold the breath in for a few seconds then exhale.
As you exhale imagine the light leaving your body and at the same time give a mental command for your entire body to relax.

Do this by just mentally saying in your head “relax” and have your entire body in mind.

When beginning after you do this you may want to focus on your breath for a few seconds but if you practice this regularly (and by regularly I mean do as your grocery shopping,walking down the street,or just practicing in your normal meditation area.) you’ll be entering the t/g sync in no time quickly and easily!

Hope this helps all aspiring majicians out there!

Good luck and report your experiences!


I’m trying every method for quick access to TGS.I believe physical body relaxation is not the master key.You can relax your body parts but what about the brain waves?I’ve seen my self in deep physical relaxation with my mind unfocused.I don’t know for you guys but for me sometimes the mind doesn’t follow the body.
I had greater results with first numb the mind and then the body starts to follow until i can find myself immobilized with saliva running out of my mouth.
There are many ways to enter this state but we don’t’ have a measure to know how deep we went .The deepest stage i’ve touched is the one where i couldn’t move or speak and the whole environment was moving like the lines of an open sigil.

Which is exactly why I reccomend taking a few deep breaths first to relax the mind then focusing on your breath after the pore breathing.

Your mind will follow your body and your body will follow my mind.

Just keep at it brother.
I still have concentration problems and mental chatter as well.
It’s been one of my biggest obstacles as of late.


Keep practicing. What you practice you’ll get better at, and if you practice enough (of anything) eventually it can become an at will action like breathing. Control of the body is a useful method for controlling the mind. Because when you’re consciously working on/with your body, you are using your mind to do so. There is no difference, even though it seems so at first.

Breath is a link or gateway between body and mind. Slow the breath, slow the thoughts.

Exactly the point I was trying to make.