An awesome synchronicity

So, at the new age store that I frequent I’ve been trying to buy a specific deck of tarot cards, the Rider-Waite Deck. And I didn’t tell the owner of the store, I just made the affirmation that when I found the deck it would be time to buy it. I have been looking for three months and haven’t found it yet.

Meanwhile, I also bought the Mastering Divination course from E. A. Koetting. Now last night was when I finally crossed into Chapter 4 which talks about the tarot and E. A. said that you needed a deck to go along with the video. And I tried watching the video but then my browser crashed, so I took that as an omen not to start until I got a tarot deck.

So, today, I went in to the store and found a Rider-Waite Deck, it was kismet. I was ecstatic and bought it. And now I am able to continue with my divination skills.

Nice one!

Oh, how we love these “coincidences”… :wink: