An Awakening of sorts, Skeptics may find this useful

Sorry if I am posting too often. It’s just nice to finally have a forum I can go to where the other participants don’t treat me like I’m delusional or scold me for going outside of white magick practices.

I thought this post might further clarify the effectiveness of the BALG system, for those who are skeptical or considering the BALG book or video courses but are afraid to try. I am not trying to brag or asking for a virtual cookie and a pat on the back, I just want to say that in the past week alone, I have experienced an awakening of sorts. I delve into this system expecting it to take weeks and months of practice which is okay, I love to learn and I am 100% devoted to my path anyway.

However, using the clairvoyance exercises in a short amount of time I can pull myself into a trance (theta mind state) with hardly any effort, no need for a long meditative lead up. I just think about being in that state of mind and it comes natural to me, like flipping a light switch. Once in theta, I have discovered that I actually am unintentionally evoking without having to call an entity forth. I am also suddenly channeling information. I ask a question in my mind, just thinking to myself, and within a few seconds it’s like oh I know the answer. I look the information up that comes to me on google to verify its validity and sure enough, the answers are correct.

I found out who my patron demon is the other day. I kept getting signs and clues and followed them until it was clear as day. So then I tried contacting them in my mind, no ritual involved, and I got an urge to draw. I sat on my ipad for 5 hours drawing non-stop and produced the best piece of art I’ve ever drawn in my life. It was so vivid it literally pulled me in. I could not stop looking at it because it felt like I had drawn a scene from another plane, another realm of existence.

Then I had a rush of thoughts hit my mind all at once and something said, this is not your normal knowledge seeking mind asking questions, you need to write this all down now before you forget. Once I started writing I could not stop. In just 7 hours, I discovered that I have typed 14 pages of an educational book in the making. I was instructed to write a book. The entire subject matter has not yet been revealed to me as this information comes to me as I write but so far, the first chapter is educational and scientific, as well as trying to disprove many christian theories and make people aware of the control systems they are all under the spell of. This book will be very in depth on the subjects at hand but I do not wish to reveal anymore. I just know that I was told to write, and now every night around 8:20 like clockwork, I sit down and write for 3 or 4 hours straight.

All of this awareness became possible after reading the BALG book and putting the methods into practice. So if anyone is skeptical, don’t be. There really is something to E.A.'s system. Usually my adhd would prevent me from writing a book, I have attempted many times in the past but my racing thoughts and wandering attention span get in my way. But this time it’s different, like my adhd suddenly vanished and my focus is more clear.