An Angel in The Clouds

I didn’t really do much, I only called the 4 Archangels which is, Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. I drew their sigils on my altar, ( I removed it) The very next day I saw this and I just wanted you guys to give an opinion of what you think. I can see a wing at the back, of what it looks like a back and it’s head just a few inches away. I can even draw it if needed to make it more clear.

I was coming back home and it’s just above my home.

I burred out some parts of the picture as I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it if uploaded their home’s online. The cloud was in the process of breaking/fading away.

Anyway here it is.

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I wanted to turn the picture up right, nothing I can do. Sorry :rofl:

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Looks like a heart to the right too.

I dont mean to think this negatively but i tried looking at it, its hard to figure out a shape
Well if you just go outside and look up the sky you can randomly find shapes and faces of clouds so im not really sure but this could mean something too

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Yeah, that’s what I thought too and still having my doubts.

Invoke the angels to the atmosphere and ask them if they can make a sign

I see the face of a member of the Spanish royal family who was malformed because the royal family used to marry each other when Spain was still a regular kingdom.