An ancient demon who hungers

Today I will share a tale with you. A tale of an old force which manifests itself only when the time is right. Us black magicians know better, right? Demons are generally not malevolent. It’s all relative, really. The being I want to talk about is usually harmful towards its targets; I’m yet to hear of a magician who had positive experiences with it.

There is a demon that goes by the name of Nihilifer - the bearer of emptiness, of nothingness. The giver of hopelessness. This is a creature which eats people from the inside slowly - often leading them to suicide. It happened to a coven member of mine a few days ago, actually.

This demon is a personification of depression itself. It’s autonomous. His name was revealed to us for a moment.

Be careful - there are forces at work which are not on our side. Nihilifer is one of them. This is type of demon that you should fight, regardless of whether you’re LHP or RHP.


What could be gained from working with it or evoking such an entity And how would one evoke it in the first place?


What a scary experience…


V. K. Jehannum says Nihilifer is another name for Beelzebub… Is this the same entity you’re talking about?


@TheStorm … Sorry to hear about your coven member. I know a lot of people depressed right now, even going back to summer or fall. In fall I contemplated drowning myself in a lake. Luckily this didn’t have enough to do me in then, though certain people and situations bring that back to my mind on occasion.
Biochemically, we know how to treat it. Spiritually, not so much, but despair seems to be a beginning stage of that.

One of the major benefits of working with malevolent beings, like Nihilifer, is learning to hone your willpower. Evoking such a being will test you and bring you to a crossroads of “live or die”. They push you toward the “die” end of the scale. They will crush you, everyday. Until you are but a husk. Emotions are destroyed; Identity destroyed. Nothing matters. A void replaces these things. The world comes crashing down around you.

Then, you reach that point. Where you are alone and they speak to you, encouraging you to just end it. They confirm all the negative views about yourself and emphasize them. The very air in the room gets very heavy. At this point, you are so broken down. No identity left; No hope in sight. No reason to live.

Something profound happened to me that day though. My whole being changed…

The deeply twisted part of me enjoys being oppressed and crushed by this absolute despair and being driven to the edge. For me, there is a comfort in this kind of deep pain, then eventual, numbness.

Malevolent demons/beings can be worked with. However, their way of interacting is that of destruction and malevolence. It’s their essence. They break down and consume.

Apologies if my post is insensitive to the loss. I am merely speaking from personal experience. I offer my condolences to you.


Thanks, everyone. I’ve no idea what to say, really. It’s just so weird. Admittedly, I have taken the psychological approach to magick, but this…I mean this could be chalked up to psychology too but it’s so unreal idk.

And no, @Nyxifer, I don’t think Nihilifer = Beelzebub. Completely different energy.


Could Nihilifer be sent to torture an enemy? Possibly without harming the magician?

He/she sounds like the servitor I created with Baelzebub.

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I’ve gone deeply into the ‘rabbit hole’ of Qlippothic demons and other spirits who are traditionally considered ‘evil’ and eventually concluded that these spirits and the powers they embody and command, as well as the forces they represent, are greatly misunderstood by the majority of the magical community.

Tree of Life/Sephira = Consciousness and creation; Being; Law
Tree of Knowledge/Qlippoth = Unconscious forces; Non-Being; Chaos

Upon reading this I suspected Nihilifer is one of those spirits.

I reached out to him mentally and had a very different experience.

He explained… “Depression and despair are the ‘default’ emotions, if you will, that those who are unprepared to open their minds to the fullness of the Nothing from which all originated, and to which all will return.”

Strength of mind is more or less exactly what these entities teach.

They teach you what ‘mind’ really is and thus, how to control it. Falling into depression and despair is exactly what happens when you A. believe that your emotions are anything more than tricks in your brain and B. have no control over your emotions or ability to transmute them

These entities use depression and despair to quicken the realization to the individual that their emotions have no power over them.


@Fuego Interesting, I will proceed with caution though if at all.


:open_mouth: wow wow wow. Profound

Also, definitely not like my servitor.


A wise man listens a fool speaks. But as an added note there are famous infamous naferious spirits like zozo in the oujia board game, and kochisake-onna who is a japanese woman who is scarred from her lover

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The concept of default emotions is relative! - Even a weeny teeny wisdom would implore one to consider Fear as a default emotion.
Fear accompanies almost all emotions and it isn’t even a default emotion!

There’s always a cause behind every effected emotions. Man A is “unhappy” because he is “homeless”, Man B is “depressed” because Life sucks!, Man C is in “despair” because he feels all hope is lost, Man D is “sad” because he has “no money”, Man E is “depressed” because the rent is due and he just lost his Job, Man F is “afraid” because the Doctor said he has days to live,Man G is “happy” because his wife just put to bed!

Alas, That’s the beauty of Nothingness and the Void - There’s no CAUSE.
There’s nothing that birthed "Chaos"
The Void is purely a Primordial force that has no “Cause”

Now, As regards to emotions, To open our minds to the fullness of the Nothingness or the Void. We must cancel out every “Cause” to the emotions in our Lives- Then, We are not happy, We are not Sad, We are not hopeful, We are not in despair, We are "Nothing".
By default, Our mind has “No emotion” and only then has the fullness of the Void be attained.

Depression and Despair are not default emotions. The Void has no Emotion - There’s nothing in the Nothingness.
Depression and Despair are emotions;A demon of emptiness should know these emotions won’t open one’s mind to the fullness of Nothing, They will only occupy and dominate the Nothingness in the mind.

The only thing depression and despair will do is dominate and control one’s mind! In this quest, power will be taken from other emotions and given to “Depression and Despair” - These entities are merely encouraging people to transfer their emotional power and strength to a particular emotion

Occult practices teaches Willpower. It teaches you to take control over your thoughts and emotions. Meditation as simple as it is has helped a lot in this aspect. Using depression and despair to achieve this is egoistic and unrelevant.

Most demons are versed in deceit, manipulation and seduction. They tender one with the illusion of driving a car whereas one was at the backseat the whole time

With a sinister smile, They drive one’s course and give one a formulated manual of how to drive what they intend to continue driving about.


A wise man is a fool if he keeps his wisdom to himself.

Perhaps, That should have been - A wise listens more and speaks less


I disagree. Certain things are best kept secret.


I agree.

What you refer to is “Knowledge”, I said Wisdom

Wisdom can be offered about a subject while the knowledge of it remains hidden and subtle.


@Abythoth Well said.

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I’m wondering about gematria of the name, and what other terms are associated with the value. Also, something mentioned it as the “star of beelzebuth”. Could be the vacuum of space itself, stars and clusters and nebulas and so on, I believe they are the demons and angels. This link supports that idea, and identifies it as current 61.