An admission

I’ve realized I am still the curious kid I’ve always been. I wanted to discover/create something and share it with others.

Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on growing up. I’ve always felt it’s necessary to keep your childhood self alive to remind you of your original goals and intentions.


I agree with you.

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What the short-sighted society fail to understand is that a thriving human who still have glistening eyes of childhood wonder owns the future.

It is with the purity of a child that great things are formed and manifested.

I have focused the child-like aspect of myself into a separate persona, with it, I can always resurrect when my soul drown in despair.


Yep. Fresh brains produce creative mental energy. Its why big companies like to hire kids to pick all the ideas from their brain… Because theyve already exhausted some of their hardware no doubt.

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