An accumulation of information on King Paimon

“Paimon is an angel-daimon of Lucifer, whom appears as a man crowned upon a camel. This spirit is a familiar of musick, thus by invoking Paimon one may work through an avenue of self-initiation through creating musick. Paimon is a powerful Angelick King of the Witchcraft, whom has 200 Legions of spirits – half are the Orders of Angels, the others being Potentates. Paimon appears with two Spirit/Djinn – Label and Ablim who are referred to as Kings. Paimon is perhaps one of the most significant Angelick Rulers, which along with Astaroth (whom is more bestial/demonic in nature and appearance) opens the way to the “Grail” of Lucifer’s crown – the perception of “I” and the mind separate from the universe. Paimon is a higher spirit of self-initiation, who is a path maker for ones own becoming. Paimon sometimes appears as an angelick spirit with a flaming sword. His office is Guardian of the Path through Leviathan, the Guardian of the Depths and Subconscious.”

A great king which can aid the magician into self initiation which is key. He has office in the subconscious and understanding existence. Incredibly knowledgeable.

"“Is also frequently written “Paymon”, and sometimes “Paimonia”. Probably from Hebrew, POMN, = a tinkling sound or small bell. This is again derived from the Hebrew root POM, = to agitate, impel, or strike forward. The word POMN is employed in Exodus 28.34, 28.33, and 39.25. Paimon is also called by the Rabbins by the title of OZAZL, Azazel, which is a name used in Leviticus with reference to the scape-goat. Its derivation is from OZ, = a goat; and AZL, = to go away. It has frequently been warmly discussed whether the word in question means simply the scape-goat, or whether it signifies a demon to whom that animal was dedicated. But in Rabbinic demonology it is always used to mean one of the chief demons.”

If anyone would like to add anything it would be greatly appreciated.


Elegant Demon King Paimon


Always call him King Paimon and show the greatest respect possible. For offerings he likes wine or things with energy (He won’t ask for blood). Also, when you summon him you should be fully dressed in order to be respectful.

Also, some say that King Paimon is a Djinn. But I’m not sure about that. Also, you can find his sigil on the internet if you need it.


Thank you for your contribution. What environment is ideal for evocation of such a great and mighty king?


Any place is good for calling any spirit. But it needs to be peaceful so that you can focus.


You seem experienced with him. Is there any insight you can share :slight_smile:

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We have been through a lot together, many lifetimes. But what kind of insight do you need?


That’s very dense knowledge. How can I improve my evocations with him? Where does he come from? What was his first name on Earth?

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King Paimon gives the feeling of a desert like spirit. His house is actually a palace. I probably know more about his origins but I can’t remember it during this lifetime. He actually came many times on Earth and not only Earth, for he had lived lifetimes as a human and not only that. I guess every spirit likes to experience things as much as possible, us included.

As for your evocations, using his sigil is good enough. For my first two times, I used his sigil and I was also thinking his name. I also used a circle that I visualised, but only to boost my ability. After that, I simply think his name and he comes right away, we are connected. He also comes sometimes just to check if everything is alright.


I brag about my relationship with him and Lucifer because I’m really proud of that. I adore these two spirits and Thoth too. I really love their behaviour towards me and that we are connected like that.


Also called Karibu, besides the enn “Linan tasa jedan Paimon” he have a mantra: “Paimon Ojas Kadamazot”.


I don’t know, I found a lot of the info in that article to be extremely inconsistent with my own experiences. I realize that all UPG is different, but still. King Paimon has never been known to me to be in opposition to angelics, probably because He pre-dates any JCI concept of a war between any heavenly hosts and fallen angels. Also, not the hardest daemon to call on. And that bit about Him being an alien of some sort? That would be in direct contradiction to my UPG unless humans are actually aliens.

No, not a djinn. But, He can and has commanded them.

I have had amazing results in all manner of location, but near moving water is interesting. I have never had the trumpet experience, but I have heard chiming from water, like silver wind chimes, which transitioned into a kind of singing. King Paimon can speak through falling water, which may explain why some hear him arrive as a profound roaring sound. It sounds silly until you have heard a rogue wave impact outside your window and you live at 1,500 ft. above sea level.

I agree with that 100%. I’m just not certain as to whether or not King Paimon originated as a human. Just a musing here, nothing more, but perhaps that is why He demands such respect. As a human born of a mortal womb I have to imagine that if I were to achieve a proverbial level of godhood then I would have little tolerance for those who would arrogantly or flippantly call my name.


Ah forgot to mention. Before evoking our great king, I usually chant his enn a little while before I actually sit down for the meditation. I like to decide a day ahead of when I want to invite him into my home. I try to tidy up a little bit… then I start thinking about him for a while amongst doing other things. For example I’ll be working and just keep his sigil in my third eye for a while. It helps really break down the barrier and also for easier invocation and evocation.


@Manosman I was reading this post and you said that the king paimon was already human? This is possible? Who stayed in his place while he was like human? Sorry, I was very curious😉

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Spirits can be themselves even if they are in a body (like ours). It’s hard for even me to understand because logic doesn’t work here.

You could say that since there’s no time nor space, they can be everywhere at the same time (for example, when two people summon a spirit at the same time and he goes to both of them). Also, perhaps only a part of them enters the body, or only a part of them remains.


@Manosman Wow, that raised my curiosity to the point, thank you !!!

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I agree they feel like a desert spirit, a middle eastern pagan vibe most definitely. I get visions of bustling pre Islam Palmyra and desert caravans in the moonlight. A protector. I also feel feminine energy from this spirit and call them as a woman.


Where can I find said sigil?

Is the one that shows up through Google search accurate?