Amusing Side Effects of Working with Belial?

Hey Guys,

I just started working with Belial last night (and performed an invocation this morning), and I’ve noticed amusing side effects. Primarily, Lust. My Libido is through the roof! I’ll spare you the details, but it was difficult to focus this morning in my lectures! :smiley: :smiley:

Looking forward to taking on more of his personality traits i.e assertiveness, resistance, persuasiveness,etc

Hail Belial!


Yep that’s Belial.


Haha, I swear man its like I’m a teenager again!


I wish that’s how he affected me. I get into a more “fight me” mood and seeing through the general bullshit of life a lot easier. It generally leaves me feeling dissapointed with humanity in general.

I also start to get really agitated by people who whine and choose to stay weak or stuck as a victim. Not those who have harder lives or legitimate bad things happen to them. But those who choose to stay in victim mind.


This and lust mixed is how I feel Belial. And it is fucking bizarre.


Yeah the combo of fight me, but also fuck and snuggle me just leaves me with a “well wtf do I do with this?” Attitude.


Might just be me, but I noticed a bit more female attention earlier today in my interactions with my classmates at uni.


The answer is finding a way to get rough deprecating sex. :joy:

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Yes. He is also a master of manipulation so working with him is like a mild permanent glamour spell.


What book are you using

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I can confirm. Plus the feeling that I could destroy a city along with a “don’t fuck with me” vibe. A three day partial possession led to my parting company with some folks. Seeing the world through his eyes for a few days can change your perspective.


Basically a simplified version of the procedure in the evoking eternity book (for the previous day’s evocation). I’m still refining my technique as I’ve only been performing evocations for a couple months.

Regarding this mornings invocation, it was very “free form” and involved mediation on the sigil and recitation of his enn with the intention of invocation.


lol, word

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Working with Asmodeus even thinking about him gets me so fucking lustful.
Belial has an intemidating presence to him, but I still love him. :heart::heart:
I used his enn and a prayer envokation at 3:33am and it worked. At 5am I saw his sigil ram into me and I fell back on my bed. I was convulsing, couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, couldn’t speak, my eyes rolled back and closed I couldn’t even open them. His presence was unbelievable and his power was immense. It only lasted a few seconds though.

That’s me on Semen Retention.