Hello everyone, i gonna aso something and i need your opinión about this topic. What is better build an amulet by ourselves or buy it to some expert?

Most people in any field of magic are going to tell you that making your own things is the best path to any form of magic.Back in the olden days,there wasn’t a store where you could buy these things.

I also know that when buying something that’s been charged with someone else’s energy,you’re buying someone else’s energy,which I weirdly find icky even though I frequently vampirize.

Back on topic,charge your own amulets.Buy the jewelry from a professional,but do the charging and/or binding part yourself.

If you do make your own amulet,though,I’m sure that its link to you will be much greater,and thus its effect will be much more potent.

The amulet that I am wearing,even as we speak,and wear to school hidden under my shirt is a velvet chain,that I got from Dogstrust,with a piece of cardboard attached to it.

And it’s disastrously powerful.

The piece of cardboard,has the Seal of the Sorcerer on one side,and an inverted pentagram on the other.Both are sealed within a circle.

On the edges of the circle,my Godname is written on both sides.Now,my Godform is a very odd one since it is composed of two various forces,that I will not talk about for now.

So there is that Godform,my physical self(Feđa) and the third intelligence,that embodies magic,and that is the link between these two.So I decided to take a leaf out of Christianity’s book,and make my own perverted holy trinity with

My Godform,my physical form,the essence of magic that ties us.So these three names are written around the pentagram,along with the symbol for Sulphur,Mercury and Salt correspon ding to each one.

On the two sides of the pentagram,I have a symbol that is associated to me Godform,and in the heart of the pentagram,a unicursal hexagram.Finally,around the edges of the pentagram,in the circle where my godname is,I have written ‘‘NO GODS,NO MASTERS’’.

On the other side,where the Seal of the Sorcerer is,I have my Godname written around the circle,and ‘‘Alash tad’alash,tel’ashtu’’.The whole thing was charged,in an evocation of my Godself(though,it does not have my Godself bound to it,nor was that evocation one where I pushed it to full materialization),and finally,it was consecrated with my own blood.I think the cardboard absorbed most of the blood,though you can see little specs of red around the edges.

The blood was retrieved through an induced nosebleed,and was consecrated ritually.

And this amulet has benefited me.When I had that emotional outburst on Monday,I actually had to remove the amulet from around my neck,just because it was amplifying me.I wear it during ritual,I consider it my mark.And when I’m not bearing it,it stays on this small alter-y part of my bookshelf(the bookshelf that has Djehuty inside it,actually) next to my picture,symbolizing my power flowing into the amulet.

Any questions?

I agree with what Arcane says.

The thing about expert amulets is they can look nicer, if you care about wearing them as jewellery - for example there’s a guy on here who makes Seal of the Sorceror pendants and they look wonderful, they’re true works of art.

Things made from silver, pewter etc last longer so over time they acquire your own energy, so I’m just posting this to make the case for buying them, as well, I think both have their place but for something truly personal, making it yourself is best IMO.