Amulet against fire in a house?

I am told in Renaissance times (possibly other periods as well) people used the Sefer Raziel as a means of protecting their home against fire. Apparently, having a copy of it in your house offers some sort of protection against fire.

Is there anything else that does this sort of thing?

(my furnace went out, and no parts are available because of Covid 19 at present, therefore I am using a propane heater)

I have had no problems yet, but I would like to keep it that way while I wait for parts to become available.

Michael is the angel in the LRP that is in charge of elemental fire. Would I nice request to him be useful?
I have never even attempted contacting an elemental, so I doubt they would be much interested in helping a complete stranger. What if I made an offering/bribe?

I would follow the manufacturer’s suggestions of nothing within a 3 foot + radius and adequate ventilation to get rid of the fumes produced before I would worry about an entity. Have you done that? I honestly hope so. People die yearly from lack of oxygen from space heaters in enclosed areas.


Thank you for your concern. Yeah, I follow the 3 foot rule. I am not really concerned about any sort of entity doing anything to cause a fire. I was thinking more along the lines of it being a sort of good luck charm to help prevent any accidents.

As it turns out, Metatron is known as a protector of the home (probably because he is very interested in the welfare of children, but I am not sure of that). Anyway, it is not one of his primary jobs but it is in his wheel house. Luckily for me, the Pauline Arts guys say anytime on Sunday is a good day to contact him, so I am creating myself a pentacle/talisman now.

Again, thank you for your help and concern.

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I was more concerned about ventilation, to be honest. But I’m glad it’s on your mind.


Oh, yes there is plenty of ventilation. This is an old place, you can’t actually feel the draft but I would guess the air in here changes at least 10 or more times per hour. It has crap for insulation.

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As long as all the mundane aspects are taken care, I don’t see why not. It would make sense it would serve as an amulet, as writing is a big aspect to jewish magic, both before and after the Kabbalah was established. And since it was considered a holy text to a degree and therefore not allowed to be burned under Jewish law, it would make sense if there were magical aspects to protect it from meeting that end where ever it was stored prior to burial.

As far as other methods, I do have a spell here I created for fire protection back when the larger city nearby was having an outbreak of fires to protect my own home petitioning the Illyrian god of fire Verbt that was successful.


Thank you for sharing. That’s fantastic.

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