I was curious if anyone had any experience in healing benefits through female ejaculation, for themselves or in the astral realm.

I have had a lot of luck with Amrita as a device or tool used in order to help stuck spirits or earthbound souls move into the light.

I have also found that it helped my journeys and connection with the realm of Fae.

I have also found that the deceased refer to this as “Bree” and ask for it a lot in my personal communication with them. It is literally my nickname at this point, along with “Fame”

That song kinda goes along with the subject here!

I was taught by Uriel how to utilize my throat chakra and larynx to make Amrita run down my spine.
I have a sound I make that essentially sounds a LOT like a digeridoo right from the back of my throat. Sounds like AUM but in a bee buzzing kind of way. This is how I was taught by the Arcturians to utilize the larynx and help to open the …well both ends essentially.
It sounds very similar to a tattoo gun in my throat, lol.

I know that practiced tantricas can make the dead walk. At least I heard this somewhere (I am not going to admit to knowingly raising the dead, if I did it was not at all intentionally done)

Also, is it unusual for a spiritual companion to ask for your hair?

Anyone else?

Any things I should be concerned about with this?

I’m not familiar with Amrita… can u teach?

How does this work? Is this the equivalent to the male’s sperm retention, i.e, bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm but not releasing?

(I swear I’m not a seedy perv, I promise) :rofl: Well okay… maybe a little. But not in this context.

Soma / Amrita is the Nectar of the gods, it is what they drink to make them immortal and give them special powers. Presumably, it has healing benefits, for the person drinking of it, but how would you pass that on to another person?
I drink of the Soma during meditation, when my Kundalini is raised, it enters my brain through the top of the head and is dispersed by the pineal gland. However, the quantity is very small, just drops really.

Haven’t been able to figure out how to use this for healing others, but Kundalini energy in general can be used for that purpose. What I do, is that I raise the power and transfer it to the person in question, kind of flushing out their energy centres and pathways. Once the normal flow of energy is restored, they start healing by themselves.