Amon, Sallos and Sitri...Am I too much in a hurry?

I have summoned Amon, Sallos and Sitri to help me with a love situation. How? I stare at their sigils, wait for it open up, then speak to them, all the while listening to their enns being chanted on YouTube. The sigils I look at are on the YouTube video screens. There’s one I particularly like bec the voice is soft and soothing. I do these after midnight or from 3am onwards.

Would love to hear from our experts re my process… Anything I should change or add when I evoke?

Twice I called on Amon, and both times, I would wake up the next day with a message on my phone, from my SP. Twice, they’re unexpected but not entirely surprising as the messages pertain to prior conversations where we agree to meet up and he will tell me when he gets the chance. Both times after evoking Amon, my SP would text to call to schedule the date.

These, I attribute to Amon. I am in awe of his willingness to work with a newbie like me, and I praise his great power and speed to bring someone back or reconnect. Hail Amon, you are great! Thank you, Amon!

For today’s date - I evoked Sallos and Sitri the night before. Their sigils opened up and moved. My observations - I felt sexually energized the first time I called on Sallos, and that surprised me. I thought that kind of energy would come more from Sitri. I spoke to Sallos and asked him to bring forth love and romance during my date with SP.

Sitri - I didn’t feel much but proceeded to speak to him and request that he bring lust and passion to SP. I told Sallos and Sitri I worked with Amon and he helped me and now I’m asking them, if they can please work with Amon for my situation and end goal which is reconciliation, a return of my SP’s love and lust for me. I asked that they make it happen immediately, the next day onwards. I lit a candle for each of them, told them I will offer food and drinks when I get home and recognize them in praise in BALG when the work is achieved.

SP is an ex who used to be madly in love with me, couldn’t get enough sex with me and at one time wanted “forever” with me. We broke up in March 2020, had some back and forth until the last break up in June. He chose to stay with his long term live in girlfriend, bec he says she was first and it is what is right. The same girl he admitted to me he was uncertain about and unhappy with, but for some reason, he wasn’t strong enough to leave her. He tried twice for me, but he couldn’t follow through.

Anyway, so today we met up, to do some errands. It wasn’t a romantic meet up or a date, but since today is the 2nd time we’ve seen each other in person since March, I was really hoping it would be sweeter, closer, etc. Of course, I restrained myself and didn’t show any inclination of wanting to be more loving or intimate. If anything, I wanted him to initiate it.

He picked me up and drove me back home - for 7 hours, we did errands, drove in the car, ate some food, talked a lot. It was light, casual, with a sense of friendship and some catching up but not too personal, more about work, cars, etc. Not romantic or intimate as I secretly hoped.

Could it be that Sallos and Sitri did not agree to help me with my request? Or could it be that I expected too much immediate results from them, (like Amon)?
Do I need to reinforce and call them again, or trust that Sallos and Sitri came, heard me and will work on my request, at their own pace and time?

Well for one thing…you don’t need to pick three entities to deal with one dude. One is more than enough. I find that newbies often bring in every demon they can because they lack confidence in these spirits abilities to actually carry out the task. Also, if you’re doing sigil work, you need to include some emotion in the working. You need to envision the end result and how you would feel in that moment…while gazing (not staring) at the sigil. Lastly, if you aren’t getting any results from these entities, give Satanachia a try. Do a search on the forum for her name and you’ll get some good threads about her.


Thank you @Verdo! I have one end goal but achieving it will take a process 1) get us talking again 2) make him visit me 3) make him feel love again 4) make him feel desire again 5) make him leave her. My intention was to ask one demon per task, all towards that one goal. Reading through here, I’ve gathered that it’s smart to do so bec each demon has a “specialty”…Gazing, yes, that works for me. I know now from the replies I lack the emotion to give it more power. Id like to think Amon, Sallos and Sitri are still working on my behalf… I will read up on Satanachia, thank you for suggesting her!

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I don’t know about this Verdo. If he’s in a relationship, there’s probably a need for multiple demons. I get what you’re saying about calling too many though. But if you want to influence both passion and long term love, and you want to do some kind of surveillance, etc…there might be a need for more.

For instance, I am a dude and one trick that’s always worked for me is going after her friends too via magick. Women and men both are greatly influenced by their friends, and if they’re impressed with you, you stand a good chance. Caveat: I know this is morally questionable, but most love/ lust spells are.

To the OP, you need to open up your eyes and attune your astral senses and attention/ observation to your reality. 2nd time since March and you spent 7 hours with him- while he’s still with the other one?
Sounds to me like they heard you.

Sallos works this way- Sallos pulls them in for the long haul. What happened to you with the errands is seriously something to look at.

If you want shit to happen right away and you want it to be sexual right way, I’d investigate the Duchess Gremori and Duke Zepar. Look up both of them here, but I believe it was Norski who posted an amazing write-up on Zepar.


Here: Zepar demon

Also- Zepar is often thought of as helping men get women, but I don’t think he’d mind hearing you out.
Just my impressions after working w/ him.


Thank you @56cpdb! What you said

This makes me positively hopeful, thanks for pointing this one out. And he agreed to accompany me again for the next phase of the “errand”, which isn’t until the last week of March. But he already was trying to think of an alibi to be able to do that with me then.

I guess for now, while he’s still with her, I want him to be more communicative, more loving, more affectionate, thinking of ways and opportunities to see me and spend time with me. And how to break free from his current relationship.

For now, I’m grateful for whatever moments, though they are very few and far in between.

I evoked Duke Dantalion last night. Will look up Gremori and Zepar too. I still want to trust and give more time to the others I’ve called on - Amon, Sallos, Sitri, Dantalion. Don’t want too much energetic interference and don’t want my SP to go crazy.

Reminder to self: I will Not lust after results. Be patient and trust the process. Let go.

I agree with @Verdo that it is not at all necessary to call on multiple Demons for the same thing. I never call on more than one spirit for the same thing. However, I think it is fine that you did as long as it does not come from a lack or trust in the magick. Trust in the magick and it will be fine :slight_smile:

One thing you can do though, is repeat the ritual for a few days in a row.
And personally, when working with the Goetia I don’t think they would necessarily deny your request, since one can build an unbelievable success rate with them. But often times the magick fails because of the ritual (sometimes the demon is not fully reached in the ritual) or because of the magician (not trusting the magick or not doing work to bring the result to you)


And also, think about your communication with him deeply. And always remember, any response from him, positive OR neutral, is a win for you- because he SHOULDN’T be interacting with you at all- really. You’re an EX whom he use to be in love with. He’s got no business spending 7 hours with you- yet he did! Give it time…
Dantalion is amazing and versatile as hell. He can change a person’s mind like no other IMO!


I told Dantalion I will continue my offerings to him for 9 days, today being Day 1. I can do the same for the rest of them. Perhaps a repeat of everything on Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Evoking Ritual - I prefer to keep it simple (candle, enn, sigil, petition) and I’d like to believe its “that easy” - it gives me higher confidence that they did hear and came to me.

Magician - thank you, this reminds me to put more emotion, to Visualize more, to be clear and to TRUST.

Appreciate your replies!

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THIS!!! I am of this mindset, this is so true. Each interaction, whether short or mundane, is a WIN for me. Playing the long game - I’ll take small wins until I win the war. Thanks for your thoughts on this @56cpdb, helped me put some perspective

I felt myself opening up to him the most - I was comfortable talking my heart out to him and boy did that candle flame dance and flicker while we spoke. There’s a sense of comfort in me after the ritual with him last night. Keeping the faith!


It can definitely no doubt, I don’t see an issue with your ritual :slight_smile: more what I was trying to say was, honestly in my opinion, I don’t think they would deny your request. I remember @DarkestKnight said it was essentially their duty to help those who call them, and that can mean a few things but I agree with him. It’s true some spirits will ignore you if you mess up something or for all kinds of reasons. But at least when it comes to the 72 of the Goetia, Most known Angels and Archangels, and the Olympic Spirits, I honestly don’t think they would ignore you (and, I won’t say what since it may be a bit too controversial for some here, but there is a piece of occult theory mentioned very briefly in ‘Demons of Magick’ by Gordon Winterfield regarding the 72 Demons of the Goetia that I have also seen through divination.)

No problem! And to be honest, you don’t even need to continue to actively put trust into the situation. Trust is something that is effortless. So, you don’t even need to worry about it! Just enjoy the magick and trust in the spirits :slight_smile: and do what you need to do of course!


Oh one thing you could do now, is you can do magick on other completely non relataded things you want in life. That can help you a bit to forget about the magick and be more relaxed! :slight_smile: gives you something else to focus on (but do continue working on the situation)


Yes, I find this amazing! It’s awesome for them to lend their energetic powers to us for anything we want.

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@Dankquanicus yes i should work on career and finances as well. Like that promotion I’ve been hoping for!

Do I need to do a separation spell for them? I’ve had some pro work done for this prior. In my convo with SP yesterday, he said the girl wanted to go with him when he was about to leave to pick me up. He told me that for some reason, whenever he is about to do some things with me, she would always insist to go with him. He said its like she knows something! I take it as her woman’s instinct kicking in. I asked him if she gives him shit or picks a fight with him, he said no…

I’ve done a number of sour jars and candle work on them before… I’m leaving this to time and “all those helping” to work on, untangle them and separate them for good. I wish it happens sooner though!

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Oh the reading I did was not directly on whether they would deny someone’s request, it was on something else about them mentioned in that book, but if other occult theory is to be believed then yes the reading also confirmed that they would not deny your request :slight_smile:

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Wealth magick is a good field to work on! Heh doing all these rituals will probably help with both to manifest :slight_smile:

You can do one if you feel the need. I will say though, people can sometimes act a bit strange after spells like that. For example, like you said she wants to come with when he wants to hang out with you, that shows she may be doubting him in the relationship, which can be the effect of your previous separation spells.

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You’re right @Dankquanicus. I need to trust and let go - it’s been set into motion and the behind the scenes work is happening. Should let it play out and focus more on myself, do more magic on other aspects of my life.

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@Verdo how Can i contact with you?

@Dragon_Empress20 any progres?

I think you’re too low a level to send private messages so you can talk to me here. Whats up?

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