Amon ra success

Did some work with Amon 6 months ago and had a success. Got my ex back and my son. She currently left again but i wanted to know if anyone’s tryed him 2 times?


Did u call him on day, or night, i was told in sunrise, noon only or bfre dark. But never in night

How did it was different then what other people said to do. I basically got a candle and kind of meditated over it for days and charged it with my will and asked Amon for help. I had wierd feeling to no light the candle at first but a week later I had an impulse that it was the right time. I lit it and Amon filled me with joy and contentness, quite litterarly I broke out in laughter.

Oh and last night I’m quite sure he let me know that hes got my back again. Amon Ra is Awesome thinking about starting a relationship with him.

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Basically listen to what people tell you but also trust your instincts. Call on him and talk to him and I promise he’ll show you the way even if you don’t think he’s listening.

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Thanks, interesting experience. I was told only day time, bxse hes a sun god. Thanks a lot