Amon love spell

I got an amon love spell done a couple of weeks ago
My caster told me he accepted the petition really fast
But the target has made it clear that he doesnt want to be with me
It has only been 3 weeks since the spell was done

It seems like there is a period where Magick doesn’t seem to work. About spells/rituals performed once, it’s a matter of trust and having faith, then the stage is surpassed and the working succeeds.
I have to practice or anyhow get better at that trusting myself, so to personally verify the reality of this.

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So it will work when i stop thinking of it

Yes, perhaps not only to magicians but also to “customers” it applies the principle about being sure of success… Hence the “psychological retraction” from the working performed on their behalf, withdraw from the lust of result.

any update?