Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


Asmodeus does the work for break up but he will be harsh on you.
why can’t you get you ex gone? do you lack focus or will? are you certain this is what you want? don’t pull Amon in for the moment. if you ain’t sure situation won’t move


I put way too much spell work on my ex over too long of a period of time as well as having a contracted agreement towards having her with me through Asmodeus at Belial’s suggestion. Ive since burned that contract and constructed a new one in regards to my future woman but the effects of too many spells and contracts are pretty binding


Hi, could you help me ask if he is helping me and working on my situation? It has been five days and I’m not sure if I’ve done it correctly :’(


he got the message but you think that it cannot be that easy

sit quite, call his name with confidence and state what you want don’t be cheesy and thank him and go one with your life, stop waiting for the message or such it is coming period!


Thanks! I’ll try it again later!


hi my name is Dean I’m just wondering if you can contact amon to see if he’s got my message and is if he is able to help me I think he does but I’m not sure as I am new to this I thank you if you can do this for me and please reply if you can or cannot do this




Thank you I didn’t know whether that message was for me or not but I’m glad I made him happy and I made him laugh that’s good to hear it puts my confidence right up there and makes me feel great thank you kindly for your message


you are welcome, and he says you are a nice person and that you can ask more from him. be confident.


Could you ask him to talk to me? I really wish to speak to him :frowning:


you can already talk to him, your are to caught up in your mind to hear what he says.

draw his sigil on your left hand at night open it and sleep with you hand on you face/hand. he’ll come to you by 3-4o’clock in the morning


Hi Dean,

I’d just like to add to help with your confidence…when we call upon the spirits, even without a ritual…just by repeating their name over and over again with genuine intent, they hear you.

All it usually takes is to take a few deep breaths and to call out to them three times. If you do this, KNOW that they hear you. Without your astral senses, you just can’t hear their response back to you.

Micha, one of the guys on here, channelled FASTOS and was given an incantation to develop your astral senses:

Mesh Ka Rel Luhn Sim Ba Ta Rel Luhn Tin Sughel.

All the best, mate!


Thank you everyone joining this site has been the best thing I’ve done my confidence is through the roof they say life begins at forty but I am feeling it now at 3 7I have not found one negative person on this site which is truly amazing thank you all Dean from Australia


Honestly youve been running into the good half of this community. There are some negative people here and youll want to steer clear when you find them. Glad youve gotten confidence. Arent you happy I didnt do something for you last week now?


hi so I am left handed does that mean I draw it on my right hand or do I still draw it on my left hand because I would like to try this


What do you mean by didn’t do something for me last week please explain a little more


Really?? I think so!! I know I put a lot of effort in to it!!


You asked about the domination spell. I told you I had some things I was working on myself and couldnt do it. Now youre getting results with Amon and building your confidence


You need to settle down and be patient. With how much youre trying to force things you are causing results to be slowed down or not happen


Oooh now I’m curious what does he think of me? Lol! Just kiddin I’m really happy to hear that this is working for a lot of people :heart: