Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation

Google Sallos’ sigil and then follow this guide:

Hi Everyone!
I’ve been away for a while and i see that there is about 99 messages on the topic that i’ll take the time to read later…
I’d like to thank those of you who sneaked in my personnal social media to make me come back here (you smart people… or desparate :wink:)
i’ll get clearer about the connexion with Amon for the ex’s return, also to ignite feelings of love in a person, rekindle with a friend of throw people away. my way of doing of course and it works!)


First of all, Amon never asked for any offering, but he wants people to be faithfull to him and honest with themselves.
If you ask him for something, do not go ask another spirit, give him time.
I realised that he works according to the amount of energy that you feed him with.
The sigil+picture in the phone case is very effective but i’ll just detail it again in another way of doing

1: print out a picture of your target - small enough to fit inside your phone case
2: draw the sigil of Amon on the picture/on the face of the target or draw Amon’s sigil on another piece of paper that you’ll put in the end put on the face of the target
3: turn the picture of your target into a sympathetic link, by that i mean give life to the picture as if it is alive and it is your target like a vodoo doll per se, look at your target on the picture in the eyes and tell it that as from now it is alive , real and receiving all the intention/energies that you are sending it. Blow on the picture as if you give life by breathing.
4: on the back of the picture write your petition, what you want the target to do as a command
5: activate Amon’s sigil with trance, blowing on it, talking the enn into it, putting blood on it, masturbate and flash it,do as you wish
6: on the back of the sigil thank Amon as if your request already happened.
7 put the sigil on the picture, the face fronting the sigil, try to make it fix with tape
8: put it in you phone case
9: plug the phone so that the electricity feeds the sigil with constant energy.( even if your phone is 100% full)
raise your vibration , turn yourself into a love magnet by doing as such: get in a calm place breath in and out visualize your target and just repeat the word “love” and feel the love in all your body at least for 10/15 minutes whenever you want.

do not block your own request by being fearful, trust Amon 100% percent.
here is also the trick…
on your phone, record Amon’s Enn and let it run on your device all day/night loud or almost silent, your ears can hear even if it’s very low. as your energies will be connected to him 24/7 you won’t have any doubt that he is working.
this will put you in a light trance and your body will tingle but you’ll also be receptive to Amon’s nudges if he wants you to make a move toward your target or such.
after 3 day you can talk with the target
If the target blocked you, give it a month but it won’t be that long at all.

i wont ask you why you want to be back with you ex because if it’s your ex there should be a good reason, but as long as the seed of love or hate is in the brain of the target it will work.
a reason why it won’t work might be because you are blocking the success with your subconscious mind- not feeling worthy of what you want - Amon will remove the blockage in time also

though remember that the target will come back to you the same as when they left ,there won’t be more love or less, there behaviour will not have changed , they will just come back! so when they are back you’ll have to be smarter than before to make them stay… just saying… they will return, but you’ll have to make them stay…


Great advice, thank you for coming back and sharing this :hibiscus:

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Agreed this is great advice

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I agree with everyone; this is kickass advice.

Though I have another question! I know you previously mentioned that Amon doesn’t ask for offerings, but every now and then I pour out some wine in a separate glass when I’m having some as a thank you for the work being done, kind of like buying a round for a friend at the bar. Would that be considered offensive?

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@ebdr The is some of the best advice I’ve seen concerning how to do this type of Magick. I wish the post could be saved somehow and stickied, so new people could see it. Wish I could like it 5 times.

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Hello, I had in my meditation the thought of name EL HERAKA , reminds a union of Horus and Ra something like the name in thelema. if we accept the AMON and RA is tge same want your advice If is a calling-sign to go closer to AMON

Hi…i did it last night I drawn amon sigil on the target photo and did everything mentioned here, i couldn’t sleep almost the whole night because of the energy in my bedroom, when I try to close my eyes all I saw was different bright colours and pictures I don’t understand and a weird feeling on my left wrist.can you please explain is it good or bad?

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Been working with amon for ex reconciliation. A service to others I know, not myself. I’m 4 for 4 so far. Amon does deliver and he also has some very interesting insights into magick. He taught me to pull energy from different sources and shown me the gavlmayana.


It’s so great to read these success stories and how Amon acts so swiftly!

However, I’ve tried several times to petition him using the methods outlined above and have been unsuccessful. Any insights why Amon may refuse?

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Hi…how did you evoke him?

I don’t, I use telepathy. Then I use the magick. idk why he has me use magick, he could just help them himself. I’m guessing by my asking them permission to have amon help opens the door for him to help them.
I asked for a certain favor when I was 18 and it happened and the deal was “I want to devote my life to healing” ever since ive been helping a few spirits to help others and in the process I help to enlighten people to the existence and benevolence of these beings.

If you want help from him, meditate on his sigil and enn. I identify him with hawks so I speak to hawks as if they were amon. Ill hear out the man or woman who wants their ex back. If i agree with the authenticity of their love and decide it is right for them to be together I give amon my reason and plea and have the client make an offering, I ask for it to be a sacrifice to show their resolve for their love, like jewelry or a picture they cherish, we bury, throw, or burn it and leave along with a sigil of amon. I teach them visualization techniqurs to connect to amon and to help charge the spell. And thats it. I then tell them to forget it, and that an opportunity will manifest, probably around the time that they stop caring whether or not they even get their wish.(detachment is why love magick doesnt work the way we expect)

By the time your spell manifests, due to detachment, you probably wont cherish the person the way you did before.


I’ve been meaning to respond to this thread as part of my thanks to Amon for his help. I’ve learned so much from this experience and wanted to share my thoughts to those who might be going through the similar struggle I did when I started this. For me personally, I don’t like to go into details of my issue except to say that he has delivered and thus the working is complete.

For those going through this working or any other working related to reconciliation: it’s important to also spend time doing things that are important to YOU, related or unrelated to this person and definitely unrelated to any love workings. You’ve done everything you can, now get out of Amon’s way and take care of your emotional and mental health.


I did this method in my bathroom. Altho I didn’t get into any trans state. Was I suppose to for him to hear me? I also didn’t feel anything other than random pounds as I was trying to fall asleep. I dismissed it as maybe my neighbors. Maybe it was…

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Was there any meditation with this method or does that go without saying?

I’m glad amon helped you. I find that if he doesn’t believe in the integrity of your potential relationship, he wont always help. Thr fact he did tells me you reflected on yourself and potential ways you need to grow in order for your relationship to flourish.

I am both happy and proud of you for this! Best of luck in your future endeavors. I am leaving the boards soon. I may be back in the future. But for now. Its back to college for me.


Wow! This post has so many success stories with such a simple and easy to work with.

As a newbie with no magickal experience but with full faith and trust, if I follow the instructions verbatim I am hopeful it will work for me. Cant wait to add my success story here!!! Thanks to the original poster for posting this!!! Thanks @ebdr !!!

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For those demons I have worked with where my relationship was super good with them 2 days seems about right for them to come through on something.

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In that case this may be an obvious question, but how do you recommend going about growing that relationship?

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