Amiahzatan evocation

So I become interested in this demon and I called him I lighted a black candle no incense chanted his name and activated his sigil, he came quickly
His energy is energetic high of darkness, a very different darkness

I had some 2 original questions

What your place within the infernal divine?
A king among Kings, known by many, my essence is within the all the “source” both nothing

Can you give an incantation to summon energies for all purposes rituals?
Focus on intend if you you are using it for a spell then visualise the color associated with it like if you want to do a love spell then see red or pink

“itz lan’tkal manurvus alkalu belta Sir antoniusuz alant mash ra e’shri kal rah”

He told me in order to channel better you must trust your self
I asked for offering he said blood

To call him
“itz Ash kalta menta on raba dah kalu amiahzatan”

Then he finished with
I am one of Many beasts of abyss and void, ant’harratu knows me


I asked him for enpowering my third eye and senses, now I got a shaky headache


Is he the one called Amy/Ami too? The goetic demon who appears as a ball of fire?