American Forum Members, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you stay safe and have plenty to eat and enjoy your holiday. I know Ravens Ascent doesn’t like pumpkin pie, so I will have an extra piece, or two, to make up for it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

And may we sacrifice a large avian servant and whisper the name of our Elder God of whoring and gluttonous plenty, Shub-Niggurath, and feast unendingly. Iä!

Damned straight we will!

I never said I don’t like pumpkin pie, I said I was tired of pumpkin pie and wanted something else that was pumpkin flavored in a non-pie form like a cookie or a cake. Only thing happy about today is the food and the fact that we are allowed to pig out like the bunch of fat fucking Americans the rest of the world sees us for. If I could take my food in my room and watch movies while everyone else did their thing I’d be even happier.

I’m the black sheep so I don’t feel comfortable around my own family and my nephew always has to bring his bitch of a GF over. She refuses to eat the food because she only eats her mom’s cooking. That’s rude as hell, if you’re not gonna eat the food then don’t come here because you have no business being here if you’re just gonna take up an extra chair and sit in silence, not responding to anyone that talks to you, not saying thank you for any of the favors they do for you.

I wanna tell her that to her face but my mom won’t let me spoil the family peace. That’s okay I find other ways to insult her when my mom is not around. My mom buys her gifts for the 3 kids she had back to back that she did not need and cannot afford, and she sells the gifts on ebay and keeps the money to buy weed and Xbox games. On top of that, I have to sit in the dining room and listen to her kids make noises that could make a maggot scream since all of her kids are 2 and under. I will be surrounded by kids in just a few minutes. The one kid I have is plenty enough for me, I don’t need 5 more in my face. I cannot stand other people’s children.

Oh well, time to eat…LOL

Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:

Oh Lordy, I’m so stuffed it hurts! My poor dog is locked up on the back porch and his sad little face and whiny noises was bothering me so I let him out, thinking they just didn’t want him bumming for food but my dad made him go back on the screened porch, at least it’s well insulated and nice and warm for him. My dad didn’t want him loose with all the babies running around the house because he said my dog growls at the 2 toddlers and he’s afraid he will bite one of them. I never knew he did that but I can see why. Wouldn’t you be mad if someone was pulling your ears and tail, and patting you super hard on the head then letting out a sudden unexpected baby squeel right in your ear? He’s probably just scared half to death.