Hey I’ve been thinking about summoning Amdusias through His sigil, and was wondering is there anything in specific He likes or doesnt like? Theres not a whole lot of info on the internet about Him

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Try using his enn and his sigil…
This is his enn;
Denyen valocur avage secore Amdusias.

Other than that just be respectful to him and i don’t think he will be disappointed.


Though he didn’t request it, he got very excited for pasta with meat sauce and garlic bread. While we aren’t close, he occasionally let’s me know he’s around. Seems to enjoy destruction and music.


Calling him and my shoulders instantly hurt @Narsonix whats that about

I’ve never experienced any sort of pain from him, though I’ve experienced it with others. He could have been highlighting a problem area in your physical or energy bodies. He could have been giving an overly enthusiastic hello. Honestly it could be many things. Not much help I know :laughing:

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Probably an area you need to watch, maybe he’s telling you have a stretch and loosen up with a dance.

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I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders