Ok, this topic may belong in another section but I sense is belongs here to so here it is.

Today, and I mean, less than a hour I was going to light a candle with Lucifer sigil on it and when I turned off the light my bitch (female dog) started to bark like crazy and since there are visits sleeping I decided to use Sigil magick.

I used the method I learned from E.A. (THANKS) and BOOM, the amount of energy was incredible, I felt my whole aura and my body pumped up, I mean, Lucyfer’s sigil in the left hand and I didn’t even light a candle or anything and it was more intentse than any other time I had contacted with Him.

I mean, really it was so powerful I had to repress some laughter because I kept thiking “OH GOD THIS IS THE SHIT!” and then realized “OH GOD?” fucking ironies everywhere.

I did have my talk with Him and asked a few things.

After that I felt compeled to call Belial, and I felt the urge because I have called Him before and I was almost loocking at my lefth side a black kingly figure almost piss trying to tell me something so I called Belial right after thanking Lucyfer and everything.

The energy was completely different, Lucyfer’s felt more as lighting and Belial’s felt more like if I had an ocean around me, it felt very physically in my lungs and it was almost as if He had more disposition towards me.

I felt great joy. After some conversation, asking a favor and thanking him, I close and opened a third sigil, this time Marbas.

I asked Marbas for help and his energy felt golden like and really friendly, more specific and almost like playful it was a surprise but I felt he was a Lion with the heart of a cat, if you can understand that.

I was almost finishing whne I listened somone talking on a room, it wasn’t a demon or anything but someone being attacked by an entity, I knew it since many people had reported the same in that room and even I had seen it.

Anyway lets just say I TOOK CARE OF IT right away.

I also understood something important: how programed are humans to fear power, I mean to have an use power, almost like if it is forbidden.

also, the amount of power is just vast, eternal is just the word, and the limits of any entity’s work are always set by ourselves and our own believes about power, like believing that any entity do not have infinite power to do something we ask or to believe that we are not the number one authority when it comes to our own lives.

anyway, feeling like sharing, hopw you guys are having some fun

thank you E. A. and everyone in this site, I feel like I have just opened my eyes

It seems more and more people start working with Lucifer out of nowhere… This is getting interesting.

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You got to love days like this! Awesome EpicGnome!

How did you close the sigil and how did you dispose them? I just I just finished my 7d devotion to Lucifer and I agree with you on his energy being light and loving. I still continue giving my thanks to Lucifer and talking to him every day by just staring at his sigil.

Yesterday, I evoke king Belial to help me with legal issues. I didn’t feel anything. But today my house feels super cold with a bit heavy energy. My son felt it and he got scared.

My question is, how do you close the sigil and how do you dispose them. I also believe my closing is not enough. After my evocation with him I thank Kung Belial and said “go in peace. Thank you.” Is that enough?