Amazing invocation of SURT

ok guys i want to share my experience with SURTR
ok i decide to invoke Surtr, not evoke! so i use this invocation from northern paganism forum
i pray to SURTR invoke, and try to understand nature of his energy! (he is primordial GOD, supreme manifestation of Fire itself)
when i invoke him, his power, i say i want a sign how strong he is! and i see, the wasp try to “attack” me, but before it touches me, it fell, and i suprised, because it fell immediately, its like there is “barrier” surround me, and the wasp is dying, try to fly, but cannot2, and i see his body burned/scorched, WOW, and the wasp died “finally”

WOW its very amazing experience for me!
and i learned something from my invocation

  1. Norse deity is GREAT!
  2. there is big mystery, power, and wisdom in Surtr! he is primordial being, he is far older than Odin, Thor and younger god, (but i dont want to discredit Odin or thor) but something BIG awaits me, and surtr wait me
  3. when you invoke or evoke something, there is direct effect and impact in our Physical world too, at the same time! (in spiritual as in physical world)

if you ever invoke or evoke surtr , you share your experience too in here!


Incredible experience. Thank you for sharing.

I’ve visited the site you linked to, I enjoy it.

YES bro Thx
the site is great!

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I think it gives great inspiration for newbies to Heathen ways, especially their suggestions of appropriate service work to honor an entity.

What are your plans for working with Surt specifically?

i dont have spesific request! but i still try to understand his nature, and his mystery, and the secret of beginning of time

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I wish you the best in your endeavors. :+1:

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