Amazing experience

My friend has learning disabilities just like me so he had some help put together a learning/memory spell. I’m matter of a week the spell worked he’s learning at a turbo supercomputer rate and but his memory is not photographic but it’s pretty damn good and his focus and concentration levels are extremely high now that’s he cast that spell. As for myself I’m going to buy a consultation with ea koetting so I can develop my own learning spell and double his results in a week or less. I know the key to getting magick to work just believe that your spell will work.


Provide the spell!


he cast this spell years ago and I haven’t spoken to him since. I’m just now talking about it on the forum just to let u guys know of his experience. But I’m going to ea koettings bootcamp and I’m going ask him to help with a similar spell but it’s going to have 4x the power and going take affect little less than week. I will share that spell with you


A spell like that would come in handy

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Yeah it would. I’m going to ask ea koetting to help with me put together a similar spell but 4x the power.

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