Amazing Experience With My Powerful Spiritual Bath

Amazing Experience With My Powerful Spiritual Bath.

Last night I made a spiritual bath, I added salt which I charged on a pentagram.
I energised it whilst reciting the summoning of all magickal powers over the salt.

I sprinkled the charged salt in the water, I lit four white candles each corner of the bathtub.

I created at the bottom of the tub a crystal matrix, at the bottom of the bathtub.

The Crystal Matrix I Used.

  1. Bloodstone - I used this to imbue the water with power, I use the attributes of the bloodstone to detoxify my physical body.

  2. Amethyst - I used this stone to imbue the stone with the properties of energy for my inner  currents of psychic energy.

  3. Rose Quartz - I used this stone as it has great vibrations to attune the emotional energetic spectrum.

  4. Citrine - I used this stone to balance and align my energies and increase personal power.

  5. Agate - I used this stone to balance my Ying and Yang, to balance perfectly the feminine and masculine forces within.

I also used agate to balance the physical body with the etheric, emotional, mental and causal bodies of the aura. providing for Grounding, strength, courage, healing.

  1. Onyx - I used this to help align and harmonize the basic self with the High self. I also used it to absorb any harmful energies and to help the crystal matrix work in harmony.

  2. Smoky Quartz - I used this to heal help heal the physical body and increase the vibration of the crystal matrix.

  3. Clear Quartz - I used this to perfectly connect the crystal energetic grid and used to to increase the energy and rejuvenate myself.

  4. Turquoise - I used this to strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields, enhancing communication between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Once I connected the crystal matrix in the water, next I added a small amount of lavender essential oil and dragon’s blood oil.

Next I traced a energetic pentagram in the water, and began using a chant given to me by Lucifer to charge the element of water with power.

I was contemplating on adding my blood to the water as the demon Byr’thran suggested to do with a crystal matrix in water to supercharge it.

I decided not to do it, however my foot suddenly started to hurt, I looked down and a piece of glass was stuck in my foot.

I thought to myself ‘What the fuck, huh happy coincidence I suppose’.
I placed my foot in the water, a huge amount of blood came from it.

The blood moved around the gems, coiling and for a split second mimicked a bloody serpent.
As soon as the blood graced the waters, I could actually see the waters vibrate on their own.

I sat in the bath entered the TGS and saw the actual waters glow extremely bright.
I layed down and meditated I felt a physical spinning inside my body, like organs I didn’t know existed were spinning.

I came to realise I was actually physically feeling my chakras move, at incredibly immense speeds.
The energies entered every part of me, I could feel my subtle bodies rearrange themselves and align.

I felt the waters energies and heal me, I could feel my body feel a lot healthy, slowly feel toxins expelled from me.

My aura, subtle bodies and chakras, became energised, solidified, cleaned etc.
My physical body was glowing with absolute power, my emotions were adjusted and I felt at peace.

I was grounded, healed, empowered, energised, balanced, detoxified, fortified, cleansed and felt incredible.

I was in a meditative state of absolute power and peace.
Everything about me seemed to vibrate at a current of perfection, I couldn’t believe it.

I exited the bath, stood there standing over a charged lit white candle.

I air dried and afterwards I felt incredible probably one of my favourite Spiritual baths to date.




Thanks for sharing! I think I’ll have to try this out. I was excited to hear how it went after reading your post last night.


I’m definitely going to have to try this out! Gotta work on my energy work some more first though.