Amazing Experience with Belial

Hey guys!

Yesterday I did a rite to Belial to remove negative believe patterns as well as negative self imposed thoughts about myself. I was falling asleep and woke up at 4:12 am in the morning and couldn’t fall asleep again and all of the sudden Hecate came and delivered me a message. After she said what had to be sad I passed out and then it happened: I saw the profile picture of my ex girlfriend on Instagram and it transformed into a scorpion tail (Belial is also referred to as the scorpion god) and then she blocked me. The strange thing was that I could still see her pictures and it was like she was going to some sort of spiritual awakening but then she started posting gruesome pictures and pervert stuff (:D) which is really unusual for her as well as pictures with sigils and demonic creatures. The last picture she posted was of a dark palace and I was pulled into it and Belial appeared before me. He drew out all the negativity and projected it onto her Instagram profile (onto her). When I woke up again I felt refreshed and revitalized and “younger” mentally. I am enjoying myself again and feel free. So why is this so great you may ask? Well, even though I loved her she was unhealthy for me and I developed insecurities in our relationships which I never had before. Belial rid those from me.

What you will need Belials sigil, a black mirror and a black candle.

Hail Belial, Hail Hecate!


you mentioned the equipment u used, but not the actual rite ?

he´s a good friend

So I recited an incantation and then stated my request that is it. I just like to use a black mirror as a scrying tool because it makes things easier.

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