Amazing coincidences, or not?

Obviously we’ve learned there seem to be coincidences in Magick. It’s incredible, all the connections that are revealed, but are they really connections?
I think to myself that I’ve found many answers, yet there will always be more questions. Not unhappy about that, in fact it’s exciting for me. Many here are now familiar with the things we don’t quite understand and have actually found ways to define them. So, besides anyone sharing their experiences, any one experienced anything regarding their birth chart forming a sigil, not a normal one either?
Thoughts appreciated. I’ve meditated on it and gotten multiple answers, some simple, others more difficult to wrap your mind around. The question is now what to do with this sigil, I’ve done some techniques, but I feel like I’m missing something still.
I’ve been following the path since a child, but was unaware of it until I became older. The entities I work with have guided me very well and helped me establish myself. I appreciate anyone’s input. Thank you!

Aww well. I have experienced a personal sigil that idk wut the fuck to do with, but it’s source is entirely different.

I agree with you though, once you open up a bit the way you perceive things change, you learn some things you didn’t understand and find even more you still don’t. You may even work yourself into a theory thst makes sense yet it doesn’t. Eventually some of this will work itself out on its own, others I think we have to actively seek the answers.

Good luck to you on finding how to activate this for your own needs, I’m sure it’ll come in one way or another.

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Coincidences are just co incidences.

To be fair, I believe everything was considered in the planning of this orchestration we call a life.

This is only because of what I’ve seen.

That doesn’tbeing everything is a sign from the Divine, it could mean something else. But everything has a sort of purpose in that sense. But oh, it’s a purpose to see the end, not the kind of purpose that makes you feel fulfilled. If you know what I mean

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