Amaymon - Teachings Of The Ancient Serpent

Connection To Amaymon.

In the ninth hour, I placed out my universal circle and drizzled my fresh blood upon the resin of frankincense upon the lit coals.

I used a simple set out, sat in the universal circle, opened the page of Amaymon’s sigil.
Gazed into it and allowed the blood to rise in the smoke to fortify Amaymon’s presence.

Looking towards my altar in the west, with The Seed Of Darkness/The Godstar sat upon it with two black candles on either side.

I gazed into it and began speaking the invocation of the serpents breath. I began breathing the venomous breath of Amaymon towards the tunnel of the Godstar before me.

Amaymon rose up around me and I stated.

“Amaymon come, Lucifer-Amaymon rise to my calling, Lord of darkness, Amon, Amun, Ammon, Lord of the black eastern watchtower, Ram-Headed Two-horned god, hidden light, eye of the dragon, breath of venom, i call you forth the black light of primigenian gnosis, come”.

The Black Serpent Rises.

The dragon’s eye looked upon me, the obsidian serpent slivered into the temple from beyond the horizon of outter darkness.

The black pyramid behind him, with the golden glyphs of power from the invocation of the serpents breath.

As he breathes his venomous breath upon me, I breathe my venomous breath upon him.
In a dark sinister hissing tone he speaks.

Amaymon - “The serpents sight, the venomous breath, the dragon’s eye within you’re black core.
This is the trinity of the black sun Amun.
The heavens and the day shall make a offering unto you. The underworld and night shall make a tribute into you, for what is mine shall be yours.
You seek domination, you seek the knowing of the unknowable, you seek what cannot normally be obtained, it shall be delivered unto you”.

I replied.

“How may all this become possible ?”.

He replied.

“Through the nine black obelisk of outter darkness, I and my brother’s await within the seed of darkness. Belial has given unto you the beginning, I have given unto you the second, Azazel has given the secret, Abaddon has given you the key. Lucifuge Rofocale shall now give you the next step. For you have become the immortal resistor through Belial, Through me you have become the serpent of the black sun. Through Azazel you have becometh the black lord, through Abaddon you’ve become the destroyer.
The next major key is to become …”.

I replied

“Become what ?”

He pointed towards the seed or darkness and all nine chanted.


Then the one of the nine points of nine pointed star glowed with black light, Lucifuge is awaiting.



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