Amaymon - Demons Amongst Men In The Flesh

So…how a person know if he/she is a demon incarnate?
They feel differnt?
What are the signs that a person will know of himself as a demon/soul union?


Oh shit this actually makes sense with my experience.

Thanks for the insight.


So how does one tell if someone is a physical incarnation or not?


I think he said we all are

I believe in some way all of us that are drawn to this path are actual Incarnations of a demon or angel or god etc.

The numbers of demons there are, if they all stood up at once they would blacken our sun.

I’ve met individuals who have uncovered their demon self/Godform. Some of them are known demons from the Goetia, others are demons I’ve never heard off and can’t find anywhere in books or online.


Is there an easy way to find out?

Humanity belongs to the royal family of Lightbearers. With all of the different versions of earth and humanity that as came and went so far. The only ones that have achieved civilization 1 is one they themselves incarnate into it.
Without Lucifer’s royal family guiding humanity it as never, ever gotten over the hump of self destruction.

Let’s be real most spirits aren’t interested in spending 100s to 1000s of years with humans in the flesh.

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Does time exist for them? I think they can work with us forever :slight_smile:

Its not important to them.

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Got it :slight_smile:

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So this is an interesting thread to me. When i was in a group of three other magicians, i was told i was a soul braided walk-in. When i looked into it it made perfect sense, but this sounds almost identical. Would this be considered the same thing? Is a walk-in a misconception being not from a human soul but the product of a demonic force?

Hate to join the chorus of people agreeing, but this is some gnosis I received not too long ago as well. If not all practitioners being incarnated higher beings, then having merged with or taken on some essence of a divine entity.

A djinn was attracted to me once when I was pregnant. It was a very strange experience. It was during a trance dream in which I felt large claw nails clawing and digging into my arms, drawing out blood. It was almost sensual and lustful as blood was being drawn out of me When I noticed the djinn as a gray cat with black and red eyes staring at me, it would morped next into a black dog. I stared deep into those red irises with blackness around them. It then morphed into its true form with a deep blood red skin and sharp teeth. It smiled as it vanished off. It was a very trickster djinn. Still to this day I think and shudder at the thought of ever seeing something so weird. There are demonic djinns right?


I believe any being can reincarnate, ofc some people think they can’t cause “so much power can’t be contained in a single body” which personally I think is most likely due to an ignorant view of the energy body. I believe a soul can only reincarnate into a body that the energy body is compatible, or in some views it’s that the soul reincarnates into upon birth where the energy body is malleable and develops as the reincarnated individual grows so it grows to fit the soul reincarnated into it. That also goes with the shard stuff too where a shard once reincarnated is no longer it’s original self but a “new” soul entirely gaining it’s “freedom” as it evolves in this new life.

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This reminded me of 2 readings that people have done one me. The first one said that I had a different energy, unlike a normal humans. The second one confirmed that. It said that I was originally a demon or something like that. And I have legions of demons under me. Now that I know these things I am curious as to who I was and how to return to my former self. I don’t get why I or anyone would ever want to incarnate into a human. To gain more power? Maybe.


I’ve had the same experiences, from many communities, even new age communities where they’re normally all new age about everyone being starseeds, but they said something completely different from me which matched with readings I got from other communities unrelated to one another.

Of course I had my own experiences first and needed confirmation which I got years of, I reincarnated because I screwed up on something I was doing in my “true self” that I needed a new perspective and reincarnated a few times to get it. I believe this life I have discovered what I did wrong so that’s a plus.