Amaymon Death Ritual - Death Through The Hollows of Amaymon

As always ll start by expressing thanks to King Amaymon for sharing this ritual ,forbidden knowledge comes to light . This ritual can be performed by anyone ,begginers also experienced mages are welcomed to journey the hollows of Amaymon .This ritual will take you to death to his realm ,in his layer and through his gate ,finally hell itself . For the strong the spiritual magical journey can take a day but for the not so strong it can take 3 days . Ritual is only performed at night .
REMINDER :- Ritual is only performed in a cemetery and the specific grave you choose should be over 20 years ,to mean the person should have died 20 years ago or more (the older the better ).Amaymon may come accompanied by Asmodai or King paimon or both .Most important is that this ritual will bring forth a Darth of pungent smell of burning human bodies ,just don’t vomit :slight_smile: .
Ensure you eat very well because it is energy consuming this ritual ,to avoid waking up weak.
Tools :-
1:6 black ,6 red ,6 white candles each arranged in curve beggining with black ,red and white .
2: A solomonic circle ,this is a MUST as you will awaken with it as your cloth .You will be in Amaymon chambers and he specifically stated its a must ,for your sake .
3:- Ritual is done past 11 pm at night in a cemetery ,choose a 20 year old grave or more .
4:- Black cloak
5:-A knife or dagger .
6:-Soil from a 20 year old or more grave ,take some and place it in a bowl of any colour .
7 :- Any sweet smelling incense ,
8:- Amaymon sigil and enn (Elan Reya Amaymon)
9:- A poem ( it should depict his death aspect and gatekeeper role )
-Cast the circle and perform banishing rituals .
-Place sigil above the grave you choose and chant his enn three times .
-Light the incense and meditate for about 3-5 minutes .Meditate on his sigil .
-Kneel in front facing the grave and summon Amaymon through the dead person .
Command the dead person to rise.

  • Cut your finger and let blood (a little will do) flow on his sigil and into the soil in the bowl
    -Recite the poem as Amaymon comes .
    -At this point the said smell will become extreme but resist the vomiting urge .
    N/B -Now this is the most scary aspect of the ritual but not so much .
    The dead person in question will rise as a spirit and you will either see or hear him/her as he /she speaks ,breathes or moves on top of the grave .The dead person will stand to guard you till your ritual is done against any spirits through Amaymon command.Amaymon will release the said person from hell through his gate to come to you during the ritual.
    Now you will momentarily pass out and die for a while but don’t be afraid the dead man you awoke will stand guard till you awaken .Your body won’t turn blue it will remain warm .
    Now on the spiritual side you will awaken with your circle and thence you’ll meet Amaymon with asmodai and paimon .Now for those with difficulty with making pacts with any of the 3 or wish to rewrite their old pacts this is your only window to do that but first you’ll have to succeed the tests of the hollows .
    -You will go through a pitch black cave .Here you will here screams of the damned souls that didn’t follow the dark path and chose other paths .You may even here your parents ,relatives screams .DONT ,I REPEAT DONT LISTEN TO THEM .Pass your tests here and Just follow the way out into his layer .Now Amaymon exists as a Dragon in his chamber and not any other form (how many heads he carries signifies how many tests you’ll go through .Tests vary from person to person and your open to share your experience through it (these will be his personal test to you )
    At his gate after the layer their is a large raven and you must come bearing gifts ,these are the gifts you left at the grave before death.
    The raven in turn comes bearing terrible nightmares of your past and future and grants you on your third journey .These you’ll have to pass .
    How you pass the tests is up to you ,how they are tailored will be different for each person.
    For those who pass the hollows tests you gain Amaymon’s respect and favour and this is useful in many magical areas .You will never need a ritual to evoke/invoke/summon him .You will need a personal chant which he grants and he comes easily anytime.
    You will also gain respect over his legions and this is helpful for those who suffer demonic attacks or need to summon a difficult spirit.
    Your entry through his gate as I have come to notice will be easy .The raven at his gate will respect you (which is hard to achieve) .No longer do you need permission from it to go through .
    You will gain asmodai and paimon’s respect and evoking them will be quick and easy .
    Access to the other gatekeepers will be easy .
    Amaymon is given deep respect by Sumerian Gods and your contact to them through him will be not only great but also important and easy .
    Lastly you will tap into Amaymon’s power and open mystical knowledge that he keeps .
    I welcome those brave enough to try this ritual and share their spiritual ascent after and through it .
    Remember the chant you’re granted is personal and is never to be shared .
    As you awaken you will feel weak that is normal .Just rest till you regain proper concious ,your body ,mind and spirit don’t all collectively come at the same time.It will take a while .
    Now close the gates you opened and banish the spirit of the dead you conjured through this ritual back to hell ,if you don’t well let’s just say you’re stuck with the spirit for a while .
    Bury the gifts in the soil on top of the grave .

N/B remember anything you offered to do for maybe a request you made ,make sure within 3 days you perform it

Hail Amaymon , gatekeeper of pit .!!!


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