Amaterasu-Ra (a fusion solar god/goddess)


about 1 week ago, I was informed about a solar god/goddess calling itself,herself,himself Amaterasu-Ra. Essentially a combination of a Japanese Shinto sun goddess & the Egyptian sun god Ra.

Half of the being was a woman the other half was a man. It appeared to me in my mind. The half that looked like a man (my right,) had a pharaoh look with the beard and was holding a staff that had a torch with a flame on it. The female side (my left) had a woman with blond sparkling hair and she was holding a staff that had a type of clear see-through Chrystal somewhat like a piece of glass or very clear quartz. When it spoke, it was glowing with a bluish hugh, very much like the woman (Galadriel) in lord of the rings: - YouTube.

It claimed to be the head of the pantheon from numerous sigils I drew.

Has anybody had experience with a fusion solar god/goddess or has anybody heard of this deity?

May you Be Blessed

Thank you.