Am I unintentionally evoking or sensing myself?

Every time I enter a theta mind state I always feel as if I have evoked some type of presence into the room with me. In other words, I do not feel alone anymore but the energy I feel is not scary. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable or creeped out, it’s actually very peaceful. I never felt like this before when dealing with white magick, but now that I have begun to shift my focus to another path with which I am more suited, I feel this energy all the time. Even if I only enter the theta state long enough to read my tarot cards and do some clairvoyance exercises, the energy is there and it feels stronger every time.

Am I unintentionally evoking a presence when I enter theta or am I just feeling my own energy manifesting around me thru the thoughts I am projecting into the atmosphere? If so, I never would have noticed it before because I never felt confident enough when working with white magick to manifest that kind of powerful energy, but these days I have an overwhelming confidence just knowing what I am doing is working. So I may just be sensing my own energy and my conscious brain is trying to find a source for it, so my brain says maybe it’s a presence instead.

I don’t know. I still can’t shake the feeling that I am opening up a doorway of sorts when I enter a trance and allowing something through because this energy doesn’t feel like just mine. It feels like another human. Normally, when I am in Alpha states I shield myself with locks and chains so no one can pierce thru my little “energy bubble” but in theta, I let that guard fall a little to open my mind up to the task at hand. Opinions?

I sometimes feel a little bit of what you’re describing. I’m not as far along as you, but IMHO, I believe it to be simply the energy of the Multiverse that we feel with our inner senses. I do know what spirit presence feels like, and it’s different. For me, it’s a change in pressure in my ears. This is sometimes accompanied by a lowish pitched humming-buzzing, and occasionally some quick whirring sounds, like a large insect flying by my ears. Heaviness of the air very rarely as well. The couple of times I’ve felt what you’re describing, I chalked up to just “energy” of a non specific nature.

A candy wrapper got stuck on my mirror last night. I went to go sit down and about 5 minutes later I remembered the wrapper, I looked up at it, it fell off the mirror.

Try doing LBRP or something to drive away entities before you go into theta. Then when you’re in theta if you still get a presence you may be able to tell if spontaneously evoking something.

You may be awakening yourself to some entity that has always been there and you’re just now sensing it.

If you feel at peace with the entity around you, why not get deep into theta and have a conversation with it?

Funny you mentioned that. Years ago, I started feeling this presence around me non-stop but it was always peaceful, it felt protective in a way so I ignored it and just let it be. A few months after the feelings of not being alone started, I was on a magick forum and I had a photo of myself on my profile. A lady sent me a PM and said by looking at my photo she was able to hone in on my energy and that she could sense I have a spiritual presence that follows me around, like a guardian or guide of sorts.

She said it was male, and his job was to look after me. To offer me protection and answer my questions. At first I thought this lady is nuts but having forgot about that presence at that time, when she mentioned that I quickly recalled oh yeah, there was something with me and if I moved to a new home, it followed. She told me to ask its name and speak to it. I never did at that point because my ex-hubby felt on edge and nervous when I did rituals in our home. He was atheist but he believed in the supernatural so he was the first person to feel frightened of that presence so he didn’t want me contacting it. Everyone that came to my home after that presence showed up said they felt like they were being watched. Like something was in my home and it scared them, made them so nervous that no one ever wanted to stay over long.

Even people that don’t do magick that were skeptical said something was definitely there and I was the only person that was not afraid of it. I spoke with that woman again and she said the spirit did not want anyone around me who would influence me away from my rightful path, that he was overprotective which is odd because from that point on, every friend I ever made eventually feels this presence and is terrified to the point of being driven out of my life. However, anyone that befriends me that is also a magician, is never bothered by the presence.

So I don’t know if that woman was right, and you are right in assuming that I’m becoming more aware of what was there all along. If that’s the case, I wonder why this presence only seems to drive away people that are religious, or atheists that are skeptical of magic? I think I will take your advice and try to establish contact. Find out why it seems to drive everyone out of my life except for other magicians.