Am I the only one who has that impression?

Is it me or is there some person in the forum who tests their strength and attacks other people in the forum in secret?



I didn’t have such an impression but I guess that if you like you could be more specific.

It’s a possibility. It happens in every occult forum. It’s an unavoidable happening.


I don’t know, it’s been on my mind for a few days, I don’t pay too much attention to it until then.
Until I felt something unusual that weighed psychically and energetically.
until I test a little something and see and hear a fucking spirit take a deep breath and run away to his neck.
with always the feeling that someone is having fun on the forum.

I have not picked anything up myself but it is possible. I’ve had something similiar happen on the facebook groups I used to admin, as well as some group rituals I have attended. Best to keep a good defense, as always.

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Yes, I understand that this can happen. I just hope it doesn’t happen to beginners.

Sometimes it is the beginners.


Agreed, perhaps you should write a tutorial on protection magic for beginners? I wrote on one a mirror box but there are plenty more that can be talked about

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Very true

Actually, I do not protect myself or just little bit, I prefer to taste what is sent to me.
To, try to understand what it is and learn the right way to get rid of it, then I’m sending it back or i counterattack.
I’ll look, your subject on the mirror box is also something I use.

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I do perform protection magic, but it is more for my property and family than myself. I have a permanent source of protection on my body that puts enough distance for me to determine if it is something I should reflect or, in the case of parasites, consume, which is something else I have wrote about.

Pardon, I titled it as Mirror Shield. My mistake

I see, it’s totally different your spell is mainly visualization. I’m more of a physical spell with a box of mirrors, lead sheets and a dagyde that returns the bad spells. I can propose some spell for beginner the problem is that it’s mainly voodoo and I don’t know if there’s a way to adapt them and make them functional.

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-shrugs- I say post whatever you can. It may not be helpful to everyone, but it may give someone an edge they need

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There are far to many powerful people here to rationally attack anyone without permission. Not to say that it doesn’t happen from time to time. I for one do not envy the person stupid enough to try.


All right, I’ll try to do the best I can then.

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Hmmm… I’d beg to differ lol. Most on this forum use the term powerful as just being capable of evoking a possible real entity you find in myth. Most here confuse an entity aiding them power as their own. I wouldn’t go far and claim there’s many “powerful” people here.


it’s a waste of time and energy, especially since spells of death, madness,sexual, Jewish, African, Arab, Gypsy magic… I have tasted them and attacks of spirit too, since I have performed many exorcisms professionally being younger and yet I’m still here.

I didn’t intend to imply that there are a lot of powerful people here. I simply wished to point out that there are enough of them to make it unwise to attack without permission.

As pointed out earlier it would most likely be someone without power doing the attack so it will most likely not do much. But if it is directed at the someone who is feeling particularly vengeful and is a powerful person then the attacker would end up regretting it.