Am I really the son of a powerful spirit?

Hi, you can call me by my username because I don’t want to say my name if this is true. But when I was first brought to this I was at a place and a person has told me a enn chant for Lucifer and also told one of my friends I had met that day. We both did the enn for Lucifer but he was more successful with it than me…it took me the next day to get to where your eyes are closed but you still see the room that your in. Now note that I can’t do that anymore since I have did it the first time because someone (a spirit named shaw) is blocking it, but between the time I found that out and when I have done it the first time, someone told me I’m a son of a powerful spirit and the friend I was talking about earlier is my twin brother but we don’t look alike. We both believe the part when Lucifer told us that we are brothers because when we first talked we both said we knew each other but can’t remember where from and we had that brother bond … but I was told I need to remember my past for a task and it’s hard but I have remembered things only like 4 little scenes of my past. But what has me doubting this is who he says the spirit is…!!! Even you won’t believe it but I really need help and if you wish to help me let me know.


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As best as I understand, it doesn’t really work that way.
Hate to be the one to tell you.
Corporeal being coupled with incorporeal being does not make another corporeal being.

Only case I can see this is if your soul prior to reincarnation is such, but physically it doesn’t work that way. Then the way most people use the term powerful is a bit fiction-like.


The reason I say the person is powerful is because the person is sin the Lucifer right hand man. And yes he says I am "reincarnated.

So Lucifer lies?

Powerful when most talk about it is just having a mass of energy and being “stronger” than they are, but however if your ‘true self’ is a child of this being than that’s very much possible.

Well I really need help if Lucifer is telling me the truth. What should I do… he can hear me when I contact him but I can’t hear me to he told me to use people who wants to help as a bridge to him.

You can try to find someone to do divination or you can divine it, be it through tarot, pendulum, runes, what have you.

I can’t tell you how many threads of yours I have read, but they are all so similar, you have an experience and get nothing. Then you try to force the smallest detail into spiritual contact then open another topic mirroring the one prior.

I have seen your obsession with lucifer build over the last 6 months and I don’t think your in the right place. By that I mean headspace. After all this trying and all the advice “good advice i might add” your still no further than you were in the beginning, other that the fact that you are now the son of a powerful spirit, who you cannot name and cannot contact and only the word of another guy, who is or is not your brother and neither of you can remember, yet your told to remember your past.

Then there’s the task your supposed to do but you don’t know for who, just someones word you took, and you don’t know when and you don’t know how.

Lucifer in my opinion does not play these games, he would be guiding you, building you up, sending you real signs, you would have a genuine sense of his being especially if your the son of a really powerful spirit.

What is it that your actually seeking from this forum, because I can’t make sense of anything you write to be honest and I think you should take a step back, be with your thoughts, go with your intuition, start learning the basics and build on it.

It should come quickly and natural for you if you are who you think you are.


You are Ight but the name is sin I know the name and I remember some things. I remember that he was teaching me and my brother something and I did something wrong so he got huge and he put his foot down on me and when I was remembering I couldn’t breathe until I snapped out of it. And again you are right it should come naturally but it’s just a long story to it.

Sin as in the Mesopotamian Lunar God? or another?

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Lucifer said it was his right hand man…?

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Ah, then another one.

Yeah I’m not launching into this, reading through your other posts you seem desperate for attention and this will be the last time I bite.

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Huh? How I’m being serious smh what would I get out of getting attention I just need help!!! I’m literally telling the truth ask him your self shit.

I can see that you are quite confused, and so I will do my best here. It has been the case in many traditions that the spirits are described as a family. On the surface, these relationships allow for stories to be told about the spirits. Today, we call these stories myths.

If you look at these myths with a more esoteric or magickal perspective, it becomes clear that these relationships are symbols, and not literal. If two spirits are “siblings,” then this means that they exist at the same level of reality. A “child” of a spirit is an emanation of the “parent.” In other words, the child is a more specific aspect or manifestation of the power represented by the parent.

Consider Lucifer, for instance. According to the Abramelin, Lucifer is the ruling Demon King of a legion of many lesser demons. Among these demons are eight Dukes, all with their own unique powers. These dukes all represent the many different powers of Lucifer. Asmodi, for instance, is strong with powers of temptation, while Oriens is strong with powers of wealth.

Lucifer does not lie (though you may at times lie to yourself and convince yourself that it was Lucifer), and it is, in a sense, true to say that you are the son of a great spirit. The human form that you now occupy is a condensed manifestation of a much greater power. This is the power that you access when performing magick.

If I may also make a suggestion, I think that you should focus more on living your actual life. Magick, especially dark magick, is there to enhance your experience of life. If you spend all your time in your head, caught in loops of speculation and fantasy, you are missing out on the true power that magick brings. Manifest some money for yourself, or get laid, or do something to reconnect with the actual world around you. I have seen what happens to those who lose themselves in the endless spirals of their own mind, and it is a fate I would wish only on my gravest of enemies.

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I actually have Tiamat’s cosmic memory. I know what I know. Big deal. By the end of the day how does it benefit me in the here and now? How does it improve my current human lifetime?

You know who you are. You don’t need some random assholes online to give you validation.

I honestly don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of me here. You be better served being the same way.


I’d have to disagree confirmations can go a long way, blind faith in what your mind shows you can lead you down a path of illusions and self desire even if you paint it as a desire you don’t want, but in my years if it’s true those skilled enough to see it, divine it, scan it, will see it no matter how much a person wants to deny it and it can benefit this life in terms of a persons practice and the energy they give off because no matter what life you live your core energy will reflect your true self and technically Lucifer is capable of lying, any being with free will is capable of lying. Will he lie? Who knows, it’s dependent on many factors and how he feels about the person or situation.


I really don’t like the negitive comments