Am i originally from Lucifer? (bad question haha)

when I was in the “light” (Jesus’ light) i kept telling myself i am the sons of God ( you know…those sons of god, not THE son of god thing) but there is this though that could just randomly pop up saying i am son of Lucifer. It bugged me a lot back than however since yesterday i keep saying Lucifer over and over again and i did feel a present plus i started to feel extreamly emotional and within me felt like something finally changed (the feeling was not painful but more like i want this to be over kind of feeling)

so the main question was. Who was i before being Lucas? Or is it not even possible to think like i am 1 of the sons of Lucifer(i am still kind of denying that but not as much )

gosh sorry for all of these questions…its just that all these things fascinate me

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So, you want to find who your godform is? And if it’s associated with Lucifer?

Well, first things first then, you need to find out about your godform. So, use the forum search function to learn more about godforms and there are also posts that people may be able to scan your godform, to give you hints on that.

Ah ok then. Thank you for that info.

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Don’t let anyone tell you what you are. You know the truth deep down. You just need to accept it.

In my opinion, you are the one who truly know who is your Godform, inside. It can take time while you figure out, realize it and signs and visions will hit you sometimes really suddenly.

Gods can help you about it. For example Lucifer told me my Godself’s name after my Dedication Ritual, and He confirmed things about “Me”.

Confirmed. What I knew or felt already as truth.

It means this is primarily your own “job”, and They can/will support you.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you are.

Agreed. You can listen or read other’s opinions, but do not let them to shapes YOUR true being.
It can mislead you or you’ll be disappointed, which can be dangerous.


haha thanks for the warning.

My godself is a personification of the moon. In my path as a Viking Shaman so to speak, my name was and is Mani as evident in my username but it goes by different names. Namely in my working with Thoth six months ago he called me “Khonsu” which is the moon god of the Egyptians


I wield a spear clicks tongue

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Thoughts like that are usually hints in of themselves. Words are important, including your own.

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I use chakrams shaped with luna crescents

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But i also have an axe too.

I love godform wordplay.

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Beautiful, powerful and mysterious, @Mani

Sometimes I see my Godform with 4 arms, and two swords,
with glowing golden hair, and white eyes.

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Sometimes I’m a giant wolf-relation to Fenrir other times I’m a being of pure lunar energy. Funny how godforms change sometimes


As other Gods, my Dear. :black_heart::wine_glass:

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So the son decides who’s his father these days ? Interesting. Can I choose Bill Gates then? lol

Just kidding :slight_smile:

Your question is why the ancients started from what they see first, what they know. We’re all born from earth, that’s our mother, our Goddess, they believed. And our father God, is the sun. But behind those Gods that we know… there’s an invisible source, the absolute God. The supreme deity.

If you link all spirits - including our own - to that source, you’ll know the answer to your question. Lucifer, or any other God you choose as your spiritual father, is an aspect of that source you came from. And you have his spirit within you from the start. Choosing one spiritual father or another, doesn’t change that. You are who you are. And they are aspects of that source. How he communicates with you and allows you to know him. He gave you free will - by nature , not as a gift or a test - so you could choose your own path to him. Instead of forcing you to walk a path that you hate, out of fear or reward, heaven or hell.

In my opinion, you are who you are. Nothing change. You only changed your path to the same destination. That’s what we’re here to do.

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Their son.

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand what’s this story to do with my saying of how godforms change?
Is it because Sin is a lunar deity as well?

Sin was the god of the moon in the Mesopotamian.

I see, that makes sense

I find the story of Him being conceived funny thats why I added it.