Am I manifesting wrong? Does the Universe dislike me?

SO here’s the thing. I’ve been manifesting (Or at least trying to manifest) a lover for a little. I’ve been doing everything for it too. I’ did the 555 manifestation technique, I scripted out my type, I tried staying positive.
I even got healthier, too. I started working out, eating 3 meals a day instead of just 1 or two small ones. I got more body positive about myself and developed a good skincare routine. I even did a big meditation and some schoolwork that I’ve been putting off. I kicked away a particularly nasty habit, too.
But, whenever I think “i want a boyfriend” or “I want a lover,” one of my friends gets one. My friend in middle school got a boyfriend. My best friend has a boyfriend. My best best friend of 9 years agreed with a girl that they were perfect for each other but they would wait.
And a week or two after my manifesting, my other friend gets a boyfriend AND a girlfriend. I want a partner, I really do, and I’m happy for them, seriously. They’re all good people and they all deserve love.
But…am I doing something wrong? Is the universe trying to spite me? If I am, please let me know.


This is the crux of the issue. You are focused on wanting, not having.

When you use any manifesting techniques, you need to assume the feeling of what it would be like to have a partner, and carry that feeling into your everyday life.

When you see your friends canoodling, instead of thinking “I want that,” imagine that you already have that. Tell yourself things like “I’m so happy I finally found someone who loves me” and “I love the way he slides his arm around my waist and pulls me close.”


Omg thank you a million times


I agree with @DarkestKnight, and I’ll also add an extra twist to it.

Assuming we have what we don’t currently have can be tricky. Sooner or later you’ll grow disappointed and kick the board because, tbh, it’s like a self-delusion.

Instead, here’s an easier approach: “I deserve this and this.”

Instead of assuming, realize you deserve it, it’s your right to have whatever you want and be happy and fulfilled. You only have to claim it.

I know it seems like just a small detail, but the feeling is entirely different. We truly attract what we think we deserve, because our self-love and self-esteem comes into play. So if you feel good about yourself and you love yourself, you’ll realize you deserve someone that matches your energy.

This is also valid for people with low self-esteem that don’t really value themselves. More often than not, they attract what they think they deserve: abusive people.


How do you stop though people calling you delusional? I have 2 friends who arent into spiritualism and when i am trying to manifest something they call me delusional and they remind me of the current reality.
I explained to them that i am trying to manifest so they get off my case but they try to block my flow.

Btw i absolutely admire your knowledge of manifestation techniques

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The first thing that you could do is find a nice, quiet environment to sit down and have a nice long chat with your friends. Explain that you believe in this stuff, and you’re not fond of their constant remarks. Explain. That it’s who you are. They seem like they’re calling you delusional because of their own self esteem issues tbh. If someone is mean to you, it’s a reflection on them, not you (well sometimes you but if you’re not mean to them then yeah). But, no matter what you do, people are gonna be Mary Contrary wherever you go. I’ve been told I’m going to Hell, that Lucifer is evil, but I don’t give a crap. That is what they believe and it’s fine. I did, however, call them out for the bullying when I was nothing but nice to them. Let it roll right off your shoulder honey, because people are just like that. You need to find yourself some supportive friends, or talk it out with them in a calm environment. Give them a chance to talk and ask them why they find manifesting is delusional instead of writing them off as unsupportive friends. If they still seem to think what you’re doing is “delusional,” no matter what you say, then it’s up to you whether to leave them or not.

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Live in your imagination. The external is just an illusion, your consciousness is reality.

Don’t tell them. They are merely reflecting back your own inner doubts so don’t take it personally. Your consciousness is your reality so just laugh at them internally. Pretend you’re an actor playing a scene. Your friends are merely playing their part, but you control how your feel inside. Let them speak their lines, but remember, what they’re saying isn’t real unless you decide it is.


Seeing others get what you want can sometimes be a sign of you getting close to that thing yourself
Practice gratitude, for your self , for the love people share between one another . And see that happening for you

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Why are you even telling anyone what you’re trying to manifest? It’s your life, your rules. They don’t need to know, and you don’t need them to believe.

I don’t even share my beliefs with non-believers. Most of my friends are atheists, and that’s ok.

Some plans are best not to share. Other people can influence you with their disbelief and lack of faith… in you, which ends up making you doubt yourself and your own power. It can weaken you.

And it also adds extra pressure on you because you’ll want to prove them wrong, so you’ll start trying to manifest from a place of ego, to prove them wrong, instead of doing it from the feeling of joy that your manifestation will bring you.

See? It’s like the feeling of deserving and claiming your right brings you certainty and is effortless, while forcing ourselves to assume and convince ourselves of something requires so much effort…


Like the Divine Right of Kings to rule.

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You have great power my magical sister (that’s for sure as you are getting really good results) but you are releasing it over to your friends, and that’s how they are getting what you want? You seem to be raising great energy to acquire a boyfriend but you are telling them about your desires. This can transfer the energy to them instead and as you are energetically connected to them (friends), they are reaping your desires. There’s an old magical proverb that we all must follow when casting our magic and that is this…

Dare, Do and keep silent


This is why the maxim of being silent when doing Magick is very important. When you tell someone who doesn’t believe in what you are doing, they can help bring doubt and their own forces into the results, particularly when you are first starting out in realizing your abilities and personal power.

My advice? Stop telling them what you are doing, and just do it anyway. :metal:

You don’t need their permission.

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One of biggest lessons I have learned is to keep my plans to myself, magickal or otherwise. I was sabotaging myself by doing so, ever since I was a child.

Most of the time, our “well-wishers” would project their cynicism on us or it’s just straight up jealousy.

Another reason was more, maybe most, insidious: as I shared the plans, I felt I already achieved them in my mind without actually reaching those goals. This was so messed up and I kept doing it for a long while—from not finishing my college degree to sabotaging my relationships.

Here are couple articles that’d give you more insights.

Also, we are never not manifesting. All we need to do is do it deliberately. A lot of great answers in this thread.

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