Am I lazy?

ok so when doing physical activities like working out at the gym which I started doing recently because of advice from some people here and my taekwondo training, I tend to give my all and really work hard at it, but when doing things required for magick like meditation, visualization, or anything mental, I put hardly any effort, would I be considered lazy?


Well the mind is just like any muscle of the body… you have to strengthen it. It gets fatigued easy when it comes to doing things it’s not used to. Just like someone who is physically fit is able to do more at the gym than say someone who is just starting. Someone who has gone to the gym regularly for a while has trained their body to like the intensity. I think the question of laziness is answered in time. Either your mind will build stamina through its “resistance training” or you wont push back at all.

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Ha I’m the exact opposite. Very magically engaged but physically lazy.

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Maybe we can help each other

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Mind power is everything in the occult and for your rituals to succeed you must mediate and focus to connect to the other side.

You can use different strategies to enhance your thinking and word skills, engage in life-long learning, and taking care of yourself. You probably won’t see results overnight, but after a few months of mental focus on your deity and goals, your ritual strategies will improve and you will see results from your occult work.

Before performing your ritual try this exercise daily… Eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, focus on your goals and ritual, engage all of your senses…

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I’m not going to lie, I’m a lot like you but I figured out how to help myself get better at night before you sleep lay down and call forth an entity and invoke it. By doing this I have managed to almost astral project 2 times within a week and my clairaudience is better then ever.

When you call the entity don’t stop until you hear it of fall asleep don’t let your mind trick you.

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You’re not lazy. You are simply battling with your Ego.

It is the Ego that doesn’t want to sit for meditation, or practice visualization, because it finds it boring, and the Ego craves stimulation, not discipline. This is the first battle fought by everyone involved in any sort of spiritual practice.

The reason you have no problems with the physical act of working out is because it stimulates the Ego, and the Ego can justify the results from the pain ie it will make you stronger, and more attractive, etc.

You have to bring the Ego under the control of your Will, and let it know that you are in charge, not the other way around. This means that every time your Ego wants to quit meditating, tell yourself, “No, I will go for another minute,” and then keep your word to yourself. You have to make the Ego understand that something greater, the God Inside, is in control.