Am i getting attacked for being who i am?

For some reason i would suddenly get dizzy . It like i would be mmust of the day but the i would get really tired (physical but mostly my spirit just feels drained) and dizzy.

what did i do to be attacked?

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Are you sure you’re being attacked? You could just have a deficiency of something you need in your diet, or you could be slightly dehydrated, or some other things.


Dunno, farted at a wrong time? There’s some pretty trigger happy sorcerers out there.
…Though, @Anziel_Merkaba’s theory being more likely


whats your attitude and mindsets or even belief system?
you might spread some negative energy and a low level spirit might saw it and got there to drain you.
if you feel fear change it to love
if you have anxiety feel excited

reverse the negativity,if it is a parasite it will feed from fear and negativity and most of good stories with them say that its effective to reverse the negativity as they dont want energies of love


Try drinking planty of rain water, if you have a rain water tank, if that don’t work see a quack (doctor).

As @Bowling270, drink plenty water.
Do some stretches and little exercises like 5mins jugging and 20mins purposeful walk.

Try bring out some sweat from your body.

If nothing works which I am sure it will work;
Meditate with the Angels name Metatron

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i doubt that its my health…cause i run twice a week ( 1 short and 1 long) and i sometimes go to gym and i do drink a lot of water…but i think its just me attracting low level spirits cause i was sad from a show but i feel better after lifting my sadness away

Just read yourself please. By that logic, there shouldn’t be people with chronic illnesses in the world just by running and being relatively healthy. Go to your GP, and have some blood tests done.

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You even understand what to do.

Anytime you think of any sad thoughts or anything depressing just ask Archangel Michael to help out.

He will not only raise your vibrations but he will fix any hidden issues you might have.

When that happens, do you feel little pressure around your forehead and 3rd eye ?

If this is the case, then an entity is trying to speak to you. Get in TGS and listen to what it wants to say.

If it’s only a general feeling in your entire body, then it’s probably because you think too much. Try to meditate and that should restore your energy balance.


Make sure you’re getting enough sodium and potassium. A lot of people who run and exercise don’t realize how much they need salt.


Someone noble is probably feeling you out to see if you got chops. That way they can take credit for your ascention once you rise to the occasion.


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