Am I evoking/summoning and have I been led/"referred" by demons?

I have been wondering about a couple things lately, both due to some weird things which have been happening and me pondering on them in the context of my own research (even way before there was an internet and you had to find the books and raw your own conclusions to a lot of stuff), as well as some odd coincidences (maybe coincidence) and I was hoping this great community may help shed some light on. This is gonna be a long post, bear with me.

Firstly, I have heard and read of demons “referring” or leading you to another demon which may suit what you want to accomplish better. They might not feel like doing it right now but know a spirit that will hear and grant your petition, or any number of reasons. Case in point : I have been seeking a spirit to manipulate my pain management Doctor to increase my dosage to a level that is effective for me, as I have a very high tolerance (thanks to long term use of powerful opioids/opiates, including lots of powerful I.V. heroin, daily, which I also sold, and used as self medication for undiagnosed panic disorder. This increased a lot when I became a chronic pain patient of long standing and it will be lifelong, hurting more and more as I get older and the metal-containing joint continues to degenerate. Thankfully, I got away from using heroin and dealing drugs. I now stick to what the Dr prescribes me, which is less than half of what I need). I was researching something else on another subject and happened upon a reference to Marquise Orias and how he can work via straight mind manipulation of your target, whereas King Paimon (who I originally was seeking to do this, given his mastery of manipulation) and how King Paimon does it more via conversations and words (and I would rather not have that awkward conversation with my pain management Dr, even tho he is aware that I’m grossly undermedicated). I did get a 1 pill/day increase and I wonder if maybe King Paimon and/or Prince Lucifer threw me a bone, waited to see if I stuck with my work, didn’t give up, stayed respectful, and didn’t get angry when I’m still on this way too small dose 2 years later (my old pain doc went out of business, and I was prescribed even more of a dosage I was pretty stable on before moving to a different state), then decided to refer me to Marquise Orias or perhaps Orias was saying “hey, I’m your guy, I’ll help you get the dosage you seek”. Is it possible King Paimon led me to Orias, or that Orias reached out to me in a seemingly coincidental way? One reason I think this may be the case is that Orias has let me feel his presence way more often than King Paimon and Prince Lucifer. Orias has such a calm, soothing presence that feels reminiscent of a mild opioid feeling, which is in line with what I’m petitioning him for.

This leads me to the “am I evoking” part. I had no preconceived notions of what any of their presences would feel like and didn’t even think I would feel a presence, especially since I don’t really do “formal”, elaborate rituals, use tools, etc… And yet I have felt them each on more than one occasion when simply sigil gazing with enn repetitions, saying “(name of entity) come and be here” (name of entity) I call you, please hear me, I invite you to join me and partake of these offerings" and so on, then introducing myself and explaining why I called and telling them my petition. They all feel different, and Orias lets me feel his presence the majority of times I call on him. It feels so warm, soothing, and relaxing, with a feeling of everything will turn up fine. Have I actually been evoking him, even tho it’s not visual or auditory (I also asked him to help me with that, as well as asking for a connection, friendship, companionship, good working relationship, teacher/pupil relationship, his assistance with seeing my petition come to start coming to fruition soon, and offering him my respect, friendship, admiration, adoration, plus my gratitude and public thanks when he assists me with what I have asked of him. I have also told him that I will tell others of his greatness and asked him to be with me and always be on my side and I will always be on his side. I then invite him into my dreams, heart, body, soul, mind, and life. Then I feel his presence for a few minutes and tell him that he may, of course, hang around for as long as he likes. So, am I actually, by definition, evoking him during this. No doubt in my mind he is showing up and hears me, and the feeling I get from him seems to indicate a “yes, I hear your petition and will help you obtain it”. Any thoughts/opinions?

You’re definitely establishing communication via their sigil and enn, but it’s only considered proper evocation if you’ve structured their manifestation before you to visible appearance (usually in incense smoke).

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@Nyxifer Thank you for your response. I’m unable to burn incense (or anything) in my house. Is there some other way to achieve true evocation? Can you still get the results you want and have clearly detailed in your petition? Can you still have a connection and relationship with these entities via communication? I have both told the spirit (Orias) my petition and clearly written it (was very clear, thorough, and sincere in both) on some papers with his sigil and enn. It seems that when I open a sigil, I don’t see it"flash" or go 3D. For me, it’s like the lines go out of focus, they might squirm a bit, and I will generally have a feeling that “okay, it should be ready now”.

The only thing spirits should be doing is helping you get off the stuff. You’re abusing the whole spirit world, and that’s why you will continue to degenerate.

Drugs are not a solution because they’re unsustainable. Especially controlled substances.

Your mindset that you will never heal and have to stay medicated is a problem. These drugs are a crutch. Eventually doctors will stop prescribing them to you anyway. What are you going to do then, resort to forging prescriptions so you end up in jail?

Learn how to manipulate your own mind so you can control the pain, get your body into healing mode, and be independent of these socially-approved drug dealers.

Are you already taking all other measures to reduce pain? Look at your lifestyle. Do you drink, smoke, do other drugs? Stop. Do as much exercise as you can safely with your condition. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Cut everything else out. Track the nutrients in what you eat to identify holes, and add specific foods to fill them. Take supplements that are supportive for your body, instead of toxic medication.

@Satanswife Thank you for your response. I understand you are/seem to be anti-drug, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t come at me and my pro-drug beliefs as if the anti-drug thing is holy/unholy writ. We all have our own opinions, likes, etc… I realize you were probably just trying to help, but this is my will, my focus, my intent, my desires, and just because you think I shoud be off painkillers and benzos (with medical records to back up my need for them) and the fact I like them and you don’t doesn’t make my will any less valid than your own. No offense, but your comment sounds Christian and attacking my desires in nature. Again, no ill feelings or offence, but you have your ways and I have mine :slight_smile:

Sure, there are plenty of alternatives. Just do a search on here for “manifestation basis”.

Absolutely. Full evocation to the point of physical manifestation is not necessary for achieving results. If you want to be able to see and communicate better with the spirit you are calling, though, perhaps learn to scry into a black mirror or (my preferred method) into pitch black darkness. There are many tutorials on here that’ll guide you through that process. :+1:

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darkness s great… i see orbs now that appear to hilight my thoughts or to agree, i get whisps of smoke with no insence, and sometimes the darkness thickens- so i cannot make out the far side of the room…

No actually I’m basing all this on the fact that I used to take a lot of drugs to treat a serious health problem, then cleaned my life up (at Satan’s urging) and now realize how superior sobriety is.

Your will to destroy your body and your mind

@Satanswife That is your opinion, and you are welcome to it as much as I’m welcome to mine. It’s my life and body. Medical science, pharmacologists, doctors, etc… agree that opioids/opiates and benzos cause no damage to your body. You can remain on them practically forever (their words, not mine). Sure, your neuro-receptors up-regulate, but you reach a point (or I do) where I’m stabilized. If you got shot in the knee cap, had a very painful and invasive surgery followed by months of painful physical therapy, a knee full of pins and screws, nasty ass, 24/7/365 chronic pain for 21 years and counting that gets worse and worse as you get older (walking with a cane at 45 and before) and will be lifelong, you might be singing a different tune. Plus, so what if I like to abuse them sometimes (90% of the time I’m not high, or even buzzed). I can take 2 or 3 days worth of my roxys and xannys in a single dose and feel little). It takes a lot to get me high because of my pain and tolerance levels and the decades I’ve been on opioids/opiates and benzos. As far as destroying my mind, I’m pretty sharp, mentally and did very well in college when I was still doing tons of I.V. heroin and pills, and dealing. Plus, your comments are way off the topic of my original thread, which had to do with evocation and daemon “referral” to another better suited to what you want to obtain/achieve, and how I seem to have been led (or “referred”) to Marquise Orias. You hear about demons helping people get laid and have sex with people all the time, and who knows what STDs those people may have. Destroying your body indeed. Running around fucking everything that moves doesn’t help your spiritual ascent either, and may even hold you back if that becomes an obsession and sex addiction. I just can’t believe that every demon would deny us Earthly pleasures and not want us to enjoy them. That’s more of an Abrahamic religious mindset that’s more fit for monks and nuns. Anyway, I don’t like to argue with people. I’d much rather get along with everyone, so let’s call it a gig and say you like what you like and are into what you’re into, and I like what I like and am into what I’m into, okay? Thank you ~ Cthulhu :slight_smile:

I think whoever’s telling you this should lose their license. A doctor who used to prescribe me controlled substances did actually end up losing her license for inappropriate prescribing. She might’ve gone to jail too, I can’t remember. It was bad enough for it to be in the news.

I have a cousin who was in an accident years ago and he became a drug addict after being on the pain pills. Last I heard, his mom had custody of his kids and I think he’s been in jail recently for stealing to buy drugs.

You obviously know it’s a problem because you got off the IV stuff. You’re living in denial that the pills aren’t bad for you. The life you’re living isn’t real pleasure. I think you’ve probably never experienced it, and that’s why you settle for the fraudulent version. That’s the only reason anybody would. You never will experience it either if you’re blocking it with drugs.

I know from having an alcoholic, cigarette-addicted family that when somebody wants to die, there’s nothing that can steer them from that course, but at least I did my part here by delivering the message.

@Satanswife I asked you nicely to let’s just say you have your beliefs and ways and I have mine, but you couldn’t let it go at that. I try being nice but you’re one of those people that just have to have the last word on something, be you right or wrong, and that makes it hard to treat nicely with you. My (prescribed and needed) medications don’t impede me at all, they actually give me the energy, drive, and focus to do stuff (both occult and worldly). Sorry you were a speed addict by choice. I’m opioid and benzo dependent by necessity, it’s just that you can’t see past your own nose and project your shit onto everyone. Guess what? We are all individuals with our own life stories, aspirations, desires, wills, etc… You want to use a blanket answer for highly individual and subjective needs, desires, and life experiences. If you’re such an occult master, what are you even doing on here? The way you talk, you’d think you be among the Ascended Masters by now. If you lived in my shoes for a month you probably couldn’t take it. I will be the adult here and simply not respond to your bullshit. Do I tell you how to live your life, what to want/desire, and how to go about it? I tried giving you a very simplified synopsis of what I go thru for for decades and counting and one thing among many that I seek, but your highly ascended, master occultist ass didn’t get it and you probably just skimmed my thread (which you chose to come on and comment a bunch of negativity, which gets in the way of magick/pathworkings more than any drugs). What a good, helpful way to do things and respond to a member of a community (you do understand the concept of a community, don’t you?). You do you and I will do me. A close minded, judgemental, myopic point of view is piss poor in the worldly realm and has no place in the occult/spiritual realm and the practice thereof. By my nature, I want to say goodbye and good luck, but with your attitude, I will just say goodbye and thanks for hijacking my thread with a bunch of off topic negativity. ~ Cthulhu


I am an ascended master, but nobody gives a shit. And I still have to eat, so that means I have to interact with humans and make myself of use so I eventually find some opportunity where I get paid. I don’t know where else you people expect me to go besides occultism boards. I’ve already tried places where people discuss worldly matters and I get fried by the worldly energy. Places that are fluffy enough to be about “spiritual healing” can’t seem to hold my energy because I’m as spiritually dark as they come. Too heavy for the New Age crowd. I need a place where I can cut through bullshit because that’s what I’m built for. Nobody’s been able to handle it yet.

I didn’t “choose” my ailment (hypersomnia/narcolepsy) any more than you chose yours. Once I got out of a world I didn’t belong in (the physical world), my ailment healed and now I don’t need anything. Anyone can use this principle to heal themselves. It’s not unique to me. They just need to switch out the physical world for whatever applies to their case—spirit world, emotional world, intellectual world, etc. (I’m basing these on MBTI.)

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@Nyxifer Thanks for the info and where to look. Cheers, friend. I thank you for the guidance. Oh, BTW, opioids and opiates increase my sex drive (in regards to a comment you made). Everyone’s body chemistry and response to substances, as well as how they work for you and what they do to and for you, is different. Again, thank you for leading me to good search terms and answering some questions with good knowledge. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Hope to converse with you in the future~ Cthulhu :smile: