Am I cursed or something like that?

Oh, hi there,
So, long story short, I can’t stay inside my own house, nor my friends’ houses, not even my date’s house, all because I get tremendously ill inside any of those places.

By ill I mean: severe headache, acute chest pain, dry eyes, constant nausea, lack of properly body balance and there’s a weird/metallic taste on my mouth. It used to be much worse than it is now, an African ritual known as “Eboh” helped ease these symptoms, prior to that I used to also have high fevers and my throat would swell to the point I had to go to the hospital to get it back to normal.

Funny thing is, as soon as I step outside of whatever household that gets me sick like that, all the symptoms vanish as though they never were.

That doesn’t happen exclusively in places where family/friends of mine live in, I’ve travelled over 600 miles around my country (Brazil) and still found some hostels that would give me this exact same ill-feeling.

Also, I’ve never practiced any type of magic until this started happening, and even afterwards, all sorts of magic I was actively involved with was always performed by other people, since I knew not what to do.

But I’m tired of this half-life I’m living, so I come to you all and humbly ask you: does any of you know what deamon should I summon to learn what is going on with me and how to fix it? I’d really appreciate any sort of help!


Hi caleb and welcome. Look up sick building syndrome. It’s actually a real thing LOL


I have already exhausted that venue a couple of months ago, unfortunately

Edit: The house where I live has no issues with inadequate ventilation, we have a super airy house, no AC, and although I don’t have the means to measure chemical contaminants from indoor or outdoor sources, I find it hard to believe that all the places I mention previously would suffer problems with such contaminants, there’s also no mold in my house, I paid dearly to learn about that one, because I was 1000% it was mold when it began (it began in a single room of my house, then another room, then suddenly, it was all over the place and in many other houses as well), also, I was told that usually adults suffering with this often have a history of allergic rhinitis, eczema or asthma, which I don’t

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That’s interesting. I feel like i’ constantly being watched by something behind me, no matter which way I turn. Could just be my senses messing up because I noticed how sensitive my back feels to air, touch or temperature. I did some digging and came across the Evil eye curse, which described similar effects. Apparently it’s an advanced technique. I could just be getting harassed by some unfriendly entity.

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That’s interesting as well, for me, however, the feeling of being watched over just isn’t here for me, I hope you manage to get help though

Thank you, I’ve been cleansing myself, the room I reside in and plan to do a banishing ritual to clean up any remaining residue out of my place. If that doesn’t work, that just funnels the reasons why I’m feeling this. Again it could just be me. Since you mentioned you only see the symptoms show up in a specific place, maybe the place is cursed or filthy with negative energy.

You’re strange illnesses could be hex work but usually before a serious curse there are many other signs, have other things happened?

Items disappearing or moving mysteriously.

Frightening visions.

Hearing strange voices.

Technology beeing blocked or malfunctioning.

Strange odors or scents around you.

Strange burn marks or scratches usually in rows of three.

Hello there, so, frightening visions do happen a lot, mainly when I’m about to go to sleep, visions that are wild, vivid, and inspire the deepest terror I ever felt in my life, it doesn’t happen everyday, but it does happen every time I close my eyes within my own house.

I don’t usually hear voices, but I do hear rather unnatural noises from time to time.

My items have always been prone to disappearing, so I’m not sure I can count this one in, since my things have been disappearing mysteriously since I can remember.

Technology did play a number on me before all of this began, and kept playing its number for a while after.

I do feel a strange odor when inside the houses, the same odor, it feels as something cold, as if I were breathing poison, usually if I open a wind and pop my head out, I smell things normally, and all the symptoms on my head vanish, but the rest of the symptoms that take place on my body remain.


I’m feeling headache and chest pain, if I put my head out, the headache vanishes, but the chestpain is still there

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Get tested for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and get protection from the deities we work with.

Also, you’re not the first one to say it might be a hex, in fact, two different seers told me it was exactly that, but since their information varied drastically (one seer said it was cast by a blond woman in my family, another said it was a man who was lusting me, so I dropped the case completely, after a third and a forth seer say there was no hex at all)

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I’ve just read the symptoms, it doesn’t seem to match mine, but I will bear that in mind, thank you a lot

When did all this start recently or from years back or childhood?

With your visions specifically what creatures did you see, what color clothing or hair, where there flashes of color?

Have you been pushed by unseen forces or felt burning sensations?

This started early 2018 or late 2017, at first it happened only in a single room in my apartment that would give me these symptoms, so I thought it was mold (which wasn’t, I had it checked later) and just moved to another room, and there I stayed for 3 months with no problem, until one day, when I was meditating, the same symptoms I mentioned took over me violently, now there were two rooms in the apartment that would drive me ill, then I decided to move to another house, with my friends, and there I stayed for 6 months without a single problem, until January 16th of 2019, I got the worst fever of my life while inside that house, had to be hushed to the hospital in a delirious state, believing I was four people at a time, I could feel I was some tribe leader fighting for water or something like that, I can’t recall properly nowadays, all I know is, after I recovered at the hospital, I couldn’t enter this new house either, because I’d get the symptoms all over again, and from January on, I’d realize that most of the places I consider to be a resting place seem to have this effect on me

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That could be caused by high EMF exposure. Some people are more sensitive to it than others and unfortunately, a medical diagnosis won’t help much, but you may wish to research it :

I suggest getting an EMF meter and measure the level of electromagnetic fields in the places you visit and cause such symptoms.

I can’t tell, it is mostly black and white, sometimes I see horrifying faces, sometimes I see sinister shadows approaching, sometimes I see nonsensical images that inspire just as much fear, so I can’t tell anything about clothing or hair, as for flashes of color, it’s always black and white.

Burning sensations in my stomach and my eyes, and my motor skills are growing less and less reliable, but I don’t think I’ve ever been pushed around by unseen forces, not that I remember at least

Could you link me to one EMF meter? I’ve been researching this for two months now, bur I live in Brazil and can’t find any of the measurement equipments necessary over here, also, if this is what is actually wrong with me, I guess I’ll actually kill myself, because I can’t seem to find a cure for it

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Do you have any magical experience? I would recommend a shielding ritual or petition casting.

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I get most of my equipment from Amazon, they ship to almost everywhere. I personally use the k-2 Meter, it’s simple and effective. But there are may other types available :

Like I mentioned previously, I’m not a spellcaster myself, but I have been through rituals that DID HELP me, for a while, an African ritual called Ebó, with its roots coming from African Candomblé, where a person receives an entity (in this case it was something called Exu) to perform a cleanse, and that was exactly what happened, I felt it removing several leechers from out my body, I felt good for weeks, I could sleep again, I could be inside of my house again, it was magic in its purest sense, but its effects didn’t last.

Apart from this kind of magic, I have no experience with it whatsoever

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