Am I cursed ? How to lift it?

I need some help on how to lift curse . actually there is a women whose my mothers friend her daughter is same age as me. My family don’t really like her and don’t let me go close to her much because whenever she says something good about my family opposite of that always happens . I used to get very good grades in my first year of high school and that women usually used to say that i’m a brilliant child after few years no matter how much i try i can’t focus on my studies and get good grades. Whenever my exams are close she always says that my health is going good but after few days i would fall sick.Last year and last to last year same thing happened and i got admitted in I.C.U and could not give my exam . She also said my dad is in good position in same company her husband work after few months my dad got demoted . There are many similar instances .
Recently i heard my mom saying she is into black magick so i got suspicious that she is putting curse on our family. Is there a way to lift this curse?
For some reason whenever i try to find something to lift curse something unusual happen last time i try to search here for help my coffee glass on my table suddenly fell and broke. I tried same later that night my photo frame hanging on wall fell and i got cuts from broken glass i this related or my imagination?

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In very vague words, find the source, outdo the source in its strength. Usually lifts a lot of curses including self inflicting ones. Take care, you got investigation to do

Thank you but how will i find source?

If you suspect it’s mother then ask about it, or you can find “professional” who can find out for you, they all have different ways to know but the end answer is quite clear — many people know who to go to in a time of need… I think you can find it if it’s real, and it won’t take long either.

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yes she gave a lot of things as in food and my birthday gift and keeps coming to my house and about stealing good from me to them yes it happened
when my dad got demoted her husband got promoted few weeks later and many similar thing

I have a similar power. It’s not a spell being cast or a curse being placed, is her gift. You can’t really stop someone’s gift from working but but you can deflect it using a mirror spell, and a binding spell

Now my family dont accept anything from her because my mom got suspicious about this too but what about old gifts she gave and this curse going on is there a way to stop it?

I don’t think I explained that well. By gift I meant her spiritual gift/ability. As for old gifts, it depends on the spell she used. It could simply be a one and done spell, or she could have connected it to a spiritual battery, which can perpetuate her power. Make some holy water ( any amount of salt and water and pray to whoever you believe in to make it sacred) , spray it over any gifts from you all have. Then clap over it and say " if there be any curse alive, let water cleanse the spell inside." Afterwards destroy the physical gifts and cleanser the house and your selves. If you wish you can also create a protection spell around each of your family members.

thank you ill try it

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Lots of luck and blessings to you.

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Mate this is perfect time for graveyard dirt as I usually advice regularly for any of these problems . Sprinkle a strong relatives dirt around the house on each corner… it serves as a strong protection in conjunction with your other methods…

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there is a way for you this will only work for you maybe not your family but it can work for you
you need a picture of you before your 7 years old cutted in a circle shape around your portrait
you have to focus on your child-self meditate on the picture and focus if you have been true to your child self if you havent make amends to to your child self, and meditate of the way you can make that child happy with yourself again
eyes closed imagine the path that will bring happiness between your now self and your past self, as literal or as abstract you see the path you will draw it in a biger circle paper with the photo pasted in the centre
if your old self is happy with the path you took then meditate on your path and draw it again as literal or abstract as your mind portraits it
once you are done with the drawing, just take the whole circular image with your picture in it as a promise to never betray yourself, after you have done place the circle in your bedroom as a chield you can hide it inside a drawer as long as you assume it will protect you from there

there is an old saying “even the most elaborated curse cannot penetrate a pure heart”

now whe have saturn return at the seven years of age so it has to be before you assimilated that energy

your old “pure” self along with your new self aligned will be your protector
if you do it right the curse will not even touch you

but you have too keep yourself true to your old child self

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