Am i crossed? Need help and advice

I feel there is a certain blocking for me not to be wealthy, i am working with my occulist who is very good st what he does and experienced, but there seems to be some blocking , i had black magic set on me from family member and i had a demon inside of me i got rid of all those stuff, now i feel i have a wealth blocking or money blocking but the demon says nothing is blocking thru my occlutist magician told me. I need a little help if u giys think or know what else can be blocking me from being wealthy ? Is there such thing as money cursed or wealth cursed ? Thanks. Your help me break thru my worries and stress in my life. Or can i be crossed ?

If you still suspect someone/something is putting la brujeria on you, you could do a witch jar. You can find a couple pretty good threads and how to’s in the search bar.
And there are some pretty good money spells as well. I think with those 2 things hand in hand you should be set.


Anything can be “cursed”.
Remember, you can also accidently curse yourself by making your mind believe you’re cursed.
Go with what your Magician friend says, and keep reminding yourself of this.

For Money Magick it’s definitly a head game, if you believe you have it, it will come but if you believe your poor or jinxed you’ll make it so.


Well from the master words passed on to me , i had black magic on me from a family memeber , i had a demon that was sent by someone, i got all those cleared up, i had numerous blocking, i just fee there is more blocking. Its been tough on me. Trying to find answers, was speaking to one of these magican here he said i can be cursed by a hgher power or from my past life.

There is no limit of blockages one has. Some comparatively more, some less. Best thing to do is keep cleansing/purifying yourself. Will make your life smoother. At it’s peak will make you almost superhuman. But that’s need giving the process your complete life.

I have done alot of spirittual cleanse and it looks clear but there is alot of blockage