Am I being invited in?

Hello everyone. Last night I had a dream that has been sort of recurring for months now. While certain people in the dream change, the theme is always the same. Papa Legba is opening a gate, sometimes it’s a door, and waves his hand in, saying “come on in, walk through the door/gate”

I know it might seem like it’s common sense and he might be saying yes, get started with working with the Lwa, but I’m just curious on if this is a genuine invitation, seeing as how he is sort of the gatekeeper, or if I’m just having dreams for the sake of dreaming…

Anyone have anything like this happen to them before they started with the lwa? I want to dive right in but need to do some due dilligence first. I’m also already working with Goetic spirits and feel like if I start working with loa/lwa, I might get met with resistence or whatever because it might be seen as a lack of trust. I trust fully, but can’t shake the feeling that I might be called to Vodoun.


Well, you could ask the Goetics you work with to get their opinion. When Pele was calling, I consulted Belial and Abaddon about whether I should answer back, only to find out it was part of the plan. Maybe this is a similar thing for you.


You should contact people who are initiated, they have preceeders to see if that is the path you should take and if they are contacting you or if it is something else.


The Lwa approached @Keteriya a similar way so perhaps she can offer some advice.


Thanks everyone, for the great advice. I’ll take it all into consideration.

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@DarkestKnight is correct, I was originally approached in dreams. The very first time Samedi and Kalfu reached out to me, I dreamed I went for an interview. I was applying for a position, and I felt scared of Samedi, who was using the name Sebastian. I didn’t even realize who it was for months. There’s a lot more details but that’s the gist of it.

The next dream I got, I was signing for a package from Sebastian and Met Kalfu. I was having trouble getting the package though, because it was actually still at ups. It was also much more detailed, but I knew as soon as I got into this dream it was related to the first, and that I had passed the interview and been chosen. I still didn’t know it was the Loa at this point.

Eventually Samedi approached me months later, when I could hear and see more clearer. I still didn’t take the invite for almost year.

You will only have an issue or resistance if you reach out to people that are initiated in some form of Voodoo. I actually declined the first time I realized who was reaching out to me, because I had read so many times, about how with the Loa, you had to take time from working with all other spirits and sorta dedicate yourself. This isn’t true. None of the other spirits I work, seem to care at all that I work with the Loa as well as them.

I thought it was also kinda cult like. I mean I read a lot on voodoo and always read that once you were in, you couldn’t get out. It does work sorta like that, but not like I thought. Once you walk with the Loa, you will always have access to them, whether you work with them on something or not is up to you. I am not limited to working with them only, I work djinn, demons, angels etc.

I had a lot of preconceived ideas. It turned out none of them was correct. I do not practice Voodoo. I’ve never had any issues with any Loa spirit, I can’t begin to say I’ve worked with them all, but many of them at this point I have worked with.

If you want a religion, then yes absolutely reach out to someone who is initiated. If you prefer to remain in control of your operations, reach out to Legba. Expect to see some sort of test to show your worthiness a few weeks later and dive in.


First of all, thank you so much @Keteriya for your detailed response. I do feel like diving right in, and I absolutely would prefer being in control and reaching out to Papa Legba on my own.

It kind of feels like the situation I’m in now is a test. It’s not unbearable, but it’s testing my faith, and I think now is the time to reach out to Legba. He comes to me in dreams everytime I’m in this situation amd when I ignore the call, it gets more and more difficult. It’s time to take the leap.

Thank you again for your advice :bouquet:


Absolutely :slight_smile: I was the same way. The religious aspects of Voodoo in no way appealed to me, and I thought you had to go that route. The further in I get, the more I see how wrong that was.

Like I said, just expect to get a visit from one of the Loa in a few weeks. Most of the initial tests I have seen, to people like me, have been tests of operatorships. Usually they will appear and either test your thinking, how you do things, or even throw you into a whirlwind of how the fck do I defeat a monster in this vivid vision that is scary and feels like I am really there with it.

I always hold my ground, and always seem to come out on top, but I will say the first test, if it’s Samedi, he will often make these sound like you are messing up or should do whatever the task is, or thing is he’s suggesting. I wouldn’t, unless it’s something you are entirely comfortable with, and does not go against how you practice. Like I said, they almost always seem to be test of operatorship and to determine whether or not you are indeed the operator, or something that can be used.

I wouldn’t expect Legba to be your main go to though, after you reach out to him. Almost everyone I’ve dealt with, has a close relation to one particular Loa and a good relation with the others. I’ve not yet met someone who Legba remained their go to, who was not practicing Voodoo. I still go to Legba first during rituals involving the Loa however, to Open the gates so to speak, as a formality. Granted, that’s not saying Legba definitely won’t be your go to, just a note on what I’ve seen to date.

I just got up, and I have to head out here in a few. Idk if I make sense :slight_smile: