Am I being impatient in regards to working with Raphael?

Hello, dears. In an effort to combat a worsening health problem, I called upon Archangel Raphael for healing. I drew his sigil (a bit poorly, but an unknown entity told me other entities don’t care about how you draw it, they appreciate any effort at all) and tried my best to open it. When I felt his energy, I proceeded to tell him my desires but acknowledged that he could help me in a way that hasn’t crossed my mind yet.

I’ve never spoken out loud before - always in my mind. Both Kali and Lilith come EXTREMELY fast and powerfully, so Raphael’s more softer (not weak, soft like a feather, for lack of better term) presence turned me upside down lol. It was like being in a hot spring. I saw the most brilliant slash of green light for a moment behind my eyes. I appreciate his letting me know he was here, but I have yet to see any progress or feel that things will heal soon. I know I just started this morning, but my ailment is not one I can lay back on anymore. :frowning: Is there anything else to do besides being patient? I always have a lot of guilt and doubt in me. Am I perhaps blocking myself?

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Just trust that Medic-Bro-Angel will help you. He probably has several things in the works that you just have to be patient for.


You’re right. I don’t feel the usual panic, at least. A good sign. Nice profile pic, btw. The Tower is one of my favorite cards.

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The Tower is basically who I am… Sadly Discourse doesn’t have an option for animated avatars (as far as I’m aware), because I have an animated GIF of The Tower, which is also a rare Pepe.

Raphael can act weird sometimes. He’s an amazing Archangel but sometimes for some reason he becomes very slow. He’s working I’m sure of it… but I just noticed this slow-motion act from him from time to time. Personally I hate that when it happens.

I would let him do his thing, but I suggest you also ask Metatron and/or Michael to work on it. Metatron is great for healing and Michael’s energy can speed up the process. You can contact them both at the same time, or separated.


Thank you! I’ll do some research on them. I get a business-like vibe from Raphael. Not cold, but I sense he’s very eager to do his job. It’s quite jarring for my sensitive, always need to be “babied” self lol.

Here’s what he told me earlier: “You are worrying for nothing. Don’t you trust me? I trust you to have the patience to sit still and wait. This is not an easy task. You have years of build up embedded in you, wallowing away like murky waters underneath a stone castle.”

I mean damn sir he told it like it is. No “be patient my sweet girl :heart:” stuff that I get from Lilith :joy: I was laying down in misery and his voice just rang through my head. Scared me a bit cus I’ve never worked with male energy before. I’m used to traditional female voices. And what an…interesting simile he used. Also, HE thanked ME for contacting him. What a swell, mildly frustrating guy.


:smile: Yep that’s him. Calm and professional. I love working with him… but when he gets in that slow-motion mode I still trust he’ll do it… but just can’t wait :joy: I end up contacting Metatron and Michael to give him a hand. They work perfectly together.

But if you don’t mind waiting then I completely trust that he will do it perfectly, exactly like he told you :wink::+1: