Always so happy when evoking/contacting Lilith, is that weird?

Was wondering if it is normal to be suddenly very happy when evoking Lilith. I get excited and happy like a little child. She’s very benevolent and motherly.

Even when I’m just sitting down and say “Lilith”, my mood becomes very uplifted and I feel wonderful.

What does that mean? And do you guys have the same experience when contacting her?

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Perhaps it is your reaction to her energies. I felt very calm interacting with her and happy too. I think it has a lot to do with the motherly energy that makes me feel happy.

It’s like you could tell her anything and she would listen and not judge. She is a very beautiful dark goddess, and chill to hang out with too.

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@Hioloi_LP Yeah if she’s taken you under her wing, it happens quite often lol.