Always in a strange place

Hello everyone I am new to this community am new to communicating with like minded people and I am new to the idea of taking hold of my ability and using it at my descretion. I struggled for some time with trying to walk the right hand path but no matter how hard I tried to fit in that mold Ibut I just kept breaking it. …

I feel I have a fairly good sense of self and intuition and although bi have not seen the entieties I have evoked I have felt them enter my body and charge it with engery and power …

What I am here to discuss is 1) as a teen I would like most trouble makers carry a can of spray paint and my friends and I would “tag” everything. At this point in my life I was a young metal head Stoner with no real education or knollage of the left hand path beyond music shared amungst friends on mix tapes (miss then days) anyway attached is a photo of what my tag was/is after being lead to BALG I was fucking shocked to find out this is strangely simialer to the Sigil of Asazil. See attached …now when dudes would ask what my tag was cause everyone else’s was a set of letters and my was not I would say it’s the world and it’s slightly off it’s axis cause I see things differently then the rest of you (just some cool sounding teen stoner shit) but I put this tag FUCIING EVERYPLACE it is in the sidewalk with my last name and the band SLAYER in front of Church on main starteet hahahaha been their more then 25 yes now what I want to know is if I approach Asazil to ask if It was inspired by him why and to what end why … can I expect a honest answer my mind tells me it just a synctonisty but honestly I I wish it to be much deeper …and so I’m concerned I’m just gonna be told what I think is cool
Fuck man this is to long allready go easy on me I’m nee here and look fwd to a awesome relationship with you all



Please tell us what your experience is in magick.

You said you have evoked spirits, so what methods and systems of magick do you practice or have experience in?


Welcome, what kinds of magic have you got experience in?

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Hello Darkest Knight, and Angiliaenchantrass
One of the reasons I’m here is to determine what I have going on …I do not practice any form of magick that I’m aware of…what I mean is I have done protections spells to keep my ex wife’s bad wishes off me …I have used chaotic majick to make sigils to effect change in my life. I have felt a very deep connection to King Asmoday and medditated on his sigil giving offerings and general thanks for the connection. I also give offerings and have received information from holy mother death …during meditation I have my who l young life been taken out of body with no real memory past the being lifted out …what I’m getting at is I have never had a actual dusapline or been introduced into a way …I think the main reason I was brought here was to focus on working with demons and other entiteies. This seems very natural and with the most possiblity


Thank you for sharing @LeftHandLucky666,
It seems your at the beginning of an interesting journey and you’ve not quite decided what path your going to take demons are one think, throw in the Astro travel path and it could get interesting.
I hope you enjoy the forum


Thank you I will do my best to at the very least give as much as I take from the fourns.

You’ve actually made me remember… I keep drawing the emblems you refer to a lot… that’s what I must be missing! Thank you for your openness!


You are very welcome