Alternative Succubus Summoning method?

I was curious if there is an alternative way/method to petition for an incubus/succubus from Lilith then the letter of intent?

There’s certain things I wouldn’t be able to do in that method. One I wouldn’t be able to burn the letter. I am able to do the writing the letter part, and light a candle, but not burn the letter (due to smoke alarms).

Could I just do this letter method like a normal petition and not burn it? Im aware this also most likely isn’t the only method available.

(This is more so for inquiry, haven’t decided if I’m gonna do it or not. Just want a “plan of action” if I decide to).

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I called upon Lilith directly after thinking about it for a while.


You can always burn the letter outside.


I don’t really have anything that could effectively contain something that’s burning, I don’t want to burn something outside if I can’t isolate the burning letter from the rest, and I wouldn’t be able to keep the candle lit outside (wind/etc).

Oh okay.

You wouldn’t have to use the candle. You perform the ritual inside, and then, when done, take the letter outside and light it with a lighter or a match. Let the wind carry the ashes away as it burns. Unless you are standing in the middle of highly flammable material, there is little danger of starting a fire.


I evoked her and had a conversation. You have to be honest, 'cause she’ll know. I also asked her to bring her to me when one had been found, to help ensure it wasn’t a parasite. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

Once I felt Lilith come and another energy with her, I knew it as time. I met her and didn’t have to be concerned with a posing parasite.


I might ask that of Lilith, in the letter (to bring her to me) so that way i can verify its one of her daughter’s and not a parasite. Since I know Lilith’s energy.

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Okay so similar to the way I’ve done other petition spells. Thanks.

Then I had a fire pit like thing, but even that made me iffy.

You can get Succubus Evocation from Faustus Crow for alternate methods.


You don’t have to burn it, I can’t burn a letter either, same for my sigils, so I just tear them up instead while imagining the energy and intent going out into the universe, or in your case you could imagine the energy and intent going to Lilith.

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