Alternative incense for Andromalius


I currently use Dragon’s Blood for Andromalius. However, the smell gets into everything. It makes my clothes and flat stink of cat pee. Is there an alternative incense he would enjoy?


Try frankincense and or sandalwood, he seems to like both from my interactions with him.


He likes Black opium too I find. Frankincense is also a good alternative.
I know what you mean with Dragons blood, I swapped to Dragons blood liquid oil and dip my candles in it instead because it really bothered my Asthma.
Black opium is for sale on Ebay.


Andromalius is Saturnian, yes: sandalwood, black opium :slight_smile: besides myrrh, cypress, pine, rue.


I sometimes skip incense now for him,sometimes just the offerings he likes to be present. He likes rose wine, Strawberries and raw eggs,blood. If my Asthma is awful like it has been recently, i just explain that and offer a full bottle of wine to make up for it. He still comes really fast and delivers fast results. I love Andromalius


Thanks guys. I usually have sandalwood and frankincense in stock anyway so I’ll use those.